Sunday, February 14, 2010

Imma be Imma be Imma Imma Imma be.

Dear friends/readers,

It has come to my attention that I have not posted an actual eventful blog in a very, very long time. I am sorry if I have disappointed any of my loyal *eye roll* readers out there that just can’t get enough of my telling about every moment of my life. I know that some, okay, most of you losers sitting at your computer look up to me like I am some sort of God, but this nigga has a life and can’t just sit around typing out this shit for you all. Sucka please.

Anyway, a lot of shit has happened since October, 2009. The most important and most obvious is that it is now 2010. Duh, shitface. I am going to try very hard to remember specific details about the past few months so that ya’ll can paint a picture in your head….here we go:

October: I was a zombie for Halloween. Every year I spend months and months planning my Halloween costume and every year, at the last minute I change it to something along the lines of a zombie. This past Halloween I went on a prosthetic binge and bought as much fake shit as I could to glue all over my body. I must say that I looked pretty fucking awesome. Half of my face was a skull, and I had burns and cuts and blood all over my body. *buffs nails* sometimes I amaze myself…also I shaved all my hair off sometimes that month, before Halloween.

November: all I can remember from November is that I had a really good thanksgiving.

Christmas this past year was pretty good. I had gotten around $750 from family and friends to put towards a new car. Where is that money now? Not in my bank account I can tell you that. Once again I am ’po, motha fuckas!

What else has been going on in my life? Lets start about work…H&M and I have a love/hate relationship. The thing is that I love it when I’m not there, but once I have to actually be there (and I’m not dressing mannequins) I hate it. As of January 4th I am now in the ladies department, which means a lot more running and a lot less cleaning which can be a good thing, and it taught me that I need to work on my time management skills. I actually really like ladies. it’s a lot different from the mens department and I need to learn how to merchandise their shit the ’H&M’ way and not the Andrew way…which is what I was doing in mens, haha. I am hopefully, hopefully going to be able to work my way up to an actual visual and not just a full timer who helps with the visual work. I really want to be one. I would like my job even more if all I had to do throughout the day was dress mannequins in the window and make the store pretty :]

Work has also brought love…I am now currently in an actual relationship, not just serial dating. As of January 7th, miss Deirdre Reilly and I are a couple…a couple of racist, baby killing bitches that is. Things are going rather well *knock wood* and I am very much happy :] I’m glad that I can make rude comments and really fucked up racist jokes and someone besides me will laugh…and I guess I like that’s she’s kind of really cute too *eye roll* :]

So tomorrow is Deirdre and my first valentines day together and we are going to the melting pot, a crazy ridiculously expensive fondue restaurant that I can not wait to eat at. We’re getting a five course meal equipped with fondue, sorbet, ice cream fondue thingy, salads, lobster, fillet mignon, chicken, and a bunch of other shit. Omg. Nom nom nom. I can’t wait. We’re going with her sister, her sisters fiancĂ©, and their friends and I’m so excited. Raaah! Hehehe.

Peace out!

Love, Andrew

ps: I now have yellow hair :)