Thursday, August 23, 2012

inside you're just a little baby.

There is something going on in my apartment building. It all started when I was got out of bed to kick the cat (and myself) out of the bedroom because Le Boo was sleeping (that's french for the boo, by the way) and i heard muttering coming from outside, so I peeked out the window and saw the super and one of his kids standing outside talking to some woman pulling a wooden crate on a dolly. they were talking about something animatedly but i was like 'whatever" and proceeded to gather my laptop, my sketch book and my markers and went into the living room to watch some lesbian paraplegic midget porn, when I heard some crazy scraping noise coming from the hall way. I went to the door (after putting pants on)and looked out my little peek hole but I couldn't see anything!!! sooo...I opened the door super slowly and quietly and noticed that the noise in question was coming from the first floor, and since I live in a building with a somewhat spiral-like staircase I peeked down and saw the super sweeping the staircase violently, like it was covered in something and he was angrily trying to get rid of it. Obviously my first thought was that this woman with the crate and he were partners in murderous crime and they just killed the guy and one of his lady friends that live under me and is hiding their decaying bodies in the crate and is burying them under the staircase and the super is sweeping away any left over saw dust or bone marrow that they might have left from putting back the stairs together.

song title: I am not a robot by Marina and the Diamonds