Thursday, September 25, 2008

Danger, Danger, candy from a stranger .

I started the Twilight series, and they’re fucking amazing. I can’t even describe it. Christina was the first person I know to read them. I was all “oh cool, yeah, they sound interesting” then Melany got into them, the Mel got Jen into them, then I had to read them. If Jen says it’s good, it’s good. Within the first three chapters I was hooked. I felt the words going through my veins, making me want, need more. I forced myself to read it in three days. It would have been two, but I fell asleep one night. Fucking tiredness. -_- anyway, I looooove the series so much, so far. One thing though (caution! Spoiler)

[In book two, Edward breaks up with Belle]

After reading that one part, that one page, like four sentences, I wanted to cry. I felt Bella’s pain; I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest and trampled over by a million fat women in tube tops. I sat in the backroom of KB toys, and sulked. I continued to sulk throughout the rest of the night until I started reading it again…

The only downfall of this book is one thing: it makes me miss my fucking girlfriend like woah! *snicker* every time Bella and Edward are together my heart bursts with giddy gayness and I want to grab Brittany and dance. I. Am. Such. A. girl. Seriously, I’m a full grown male, reading a teenage love story and instead of blowing it off to watch a football game, I’m cuddled under my sheets, with a Jesus mug of hot chocolate, giggling and squirming around, wishing I had a cuddle buddy.

I miss Brittany soo much, it’s not funny. Sunday was too long ago. Even though I see her Saturday, I want her now. Jen and I were walking in the hall after our Harry Potter class, and she got a text from Jon saying “I just wanted to tell you I love you” of something like that. Jen cooed, smiled and said “Best boyfriend award” with a giggle. I was silver and green with envy at her, because I can’t talk to Brittany throughout the day, I can’t just randomly text her with an “I love you” and have her respond. No, I can send it, and wait twelve hours for a response (if I get one) and they’re usually “ew, gay. You make me sick” or something like that. I really really just want one day and do absolutely nothing but stay in bed and cuddle. Sigh. Today is our ten month anniversary, and I was stuck at work, with Dave, doing truck, while she was at the academy, not allowed to use her phone, so she can’t see all the texts I’ve sent her, telling her that I miss her, and love her. What makes it even worse is it’s Fran and Ryan’s one month anniversary and I bet they’re cuddling right now, or out dancing, or walking the streets of Manhattan, or cow-tipping, or something fun.

Grr..the weekend should be five days long.

I’m going back to reading now.

You don't need to sugar coat it
I got it, and you know it

All of the pieces with it
Candy from strangers

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love it when you call me legs in the morning buy me eggs.

I just wasted an hour and a half of my time doing surveys on myspace. I’m redonk, I know but there was nothing else to do. Almost every single survey had “what would you eat right now” and I kept saying nothing, then what do I do? I make mashed potatoes. I’m such a butter beast ^_________^ BUTTER BEAST! I miss being called that. I was thinking about this today: this time last year I was in my first semester at college, and Brittany, Jen and I got really close. This time last year We started writing The Store at my house almost every night. This time last year we bought each other Starbucks every meeting, or we’d just go late at night to the 24 hour one and sit in the car and talk, or go stalking. This time last year we WENT STALKING!!! Yeah! This time last year Brittany was still working at KB and we tried on all the Halloween costumes one night when we were dead. We didn’t do anything when we worked with each other. This time last year we were hiring seasonals, getting ready for black Friday. This time last year I was throwing up on Fran’s rug because I drank too much. This time last year Fran and Jen made fun of Brittany and me and swore we liked each other. This time last year I kissed Brittany’s neck and told her she was mine. This time last year I only drew in charcoal. This time last year I was eighteen. This time last year I was a red head, I had ’hazel’ eyes, I was a seasonal manager.

It’s weird how fast time flies by. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Brittany and I started dating. Weird. This was kind of pointless, but whatever.

Hey there sugar baby
Saw you twice at the pop show
You taste just like glitter
Mixed with rock and roll.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Its human nature

I am losing my mind right now. I can’t sit still, I can’t eat. I am not a very happy boy. I keep pacing around my house trying to distract myself but it isn’t working. My head is going to explode.

Express yourself, dont repress yourself
Express yourself, dont repress yourself
Express yourself, dont repress yourself
Express yourself, dont repress yourself

Am I the only sour cherry in your fruit stand?

I’m having serious Brittany withdrawal! It’s literally killing me not seeing her and I haaaaate it! I’ve been checking my phone nonstop for the past two days waiting for a text message. Call me crazy, but I miss her like woah.

It’s raining out. Yay! Today at work Linda kept hinting that if we do get this huge storm that we’re supposed to get tomorrow I might get called out from work. I really hope this happens, but I really doubt it will. You know weather people, always predicting the wrong things. All weather people should have the last name Trelwaney, right?

What else is knew in my life? Nothing. Today I worked a 12-9:30 shift because Erin went home early because she didn’t feel well, so I came in 2 hours early.

Sigh. I would really really love for a 5’ blonde cop would text me right now and tell me she loves me. I really need to hear/read it. I hate being the girl in the relationship, why do I always over think everything?

Shout when you wanna get off the ride
'Cause you crossed my mind, you crossed my mind
Made my blood thump 7-8-9
Make my heart beat double time