Monday, December 31, 2007

This gets it's own Blog.

Today in Olive Garden Brittany called me cute! Fran and Jen are witnesses.

I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the Deputy.

I’m tired so this isn’t going to be that long. It’s also going to be really choppy and not delicious like my blogs usually are.
Where do I start?


I’m listening to some Bob Marley.

There is something about Fran’s house that amazes me. I don’t know what it is, but when you’re there you feel like you can do anything you want and get away with it. The other night Brittany and I slaughtered seven black Asian nuns babies and hid then in the basement; when the cops did a house search they didn’t even bother looking the there even though there was a horrid dead smell coming from beneath the stairs.

We wanted Outback tonight, but all we got was olive garden. We went to outback but there was a 50 minute wait, soooooo…we went to El Dorado’s, but we all forgot that it had closed, so we settled for the Olive Garden which also had a 50 minute wait. Wal-Mart was right there; we walked around. Fran gave us a tour of where she shopped the previous day, and I was an Asian tourist and took snapshots of different angles. Brittany thought it was hysterical; oh Girl, you crazy *wink*

Fran sprayed me with a hose because Brittany and I spent over seven hours in her bed being bad. Britt has beard burn on her chin; I feel bad.

I bought three pairs of shoes ($70 each) for $30 total.

Tomorrow should be major awesomeness! We’re all going to Jon’s house for new years…I hope there is a private room if you know what I mean. the bathroom is always good I guess.

I have bruises on my sides from Brittany pinching me…I had whip marks on my arm from Brittany in Expressions.

Speaking of Expressions, Fran and I bought us some Sex dice which we used in the Olive Garden tonight (I think the people in the table next to us wanted to join…fucking creepy ass holes).

Iiight nig nigs, I really should go shower and get to bed because I need my sleep for tomorrow night.

Oh! Britt and Fran taught me some chords for my guitar.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm at Frans house, on Melanys laptop. hmm... i hate typing on laptops; the keys are all weird and stuff. I'm going to mispell more words on here than Mexicans follow Brittany around the porn shop. tehe. Fran and Melany are watching Nip Tuck and there is a sex scene, that's a surpirse. now the girl's crying because her husband/boyfriend wants to have a the hell do you spell that? I dunno. anywhoo, big deal if you get pregnant; all you got to do is shake up a soda bottle and stick it in your vagina and let the bubbles take care of your little baby problem... Ooo Nip Tuck. Now they're talking about threesoms. what else is new in my life? I don't know.

Christmas was pretty chill actually, I got my awesome guitar and my SPICE GIRL tickets. I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuper pumped for that concert. Fran and I are going to pee ourselves; that's why we are stocking up on our depends collection. I have no clue what I'm writing right now, Nip Tuck is taking over my time. I guess that means I should go now...

peace out.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Tis the season. pt 2.

Question: Isn’t the Holidays time for family?

It’s Christmas eve, 9:26pm, and what am I doing? Sitting in my room writing a stupid blog. I’m soooo fucking bored beyond belief. I’m extremely jealous of the Palma family who is having an awesome party tonight while I’m stuck here, with a whole eight people (including brothers) and doing absolutely nothing. And to top it off, my dad is being a rude mother fucker.

For the past few weeks my dad and I have been getting along really well but today it’s like those days didn’t occur. I got home from work and shopping with Brittany about 4:15ish and as soon as I stepped in the door I knew tonight wasn’t going to end well, at all. I’m standing there still in my coat and scarf and my dad is all like “are you eating with us” and I gave him a look that clearly said “no fuck head, I’m just going to watch” but I nodded my head and told him yes, what else was I going to do. He pointed to my chair and said “Then sit down and eat” I was like what the fuck? I wasn’t even home for three minutes, I’m still in my coat and work clothes, and I have my keys dangling in my hand, do you want me to sit down like that and eat?

Dinner was shrimp which I did not eat, and chicken fingers. I was quite as Dylan and Zack made fun of each other. It was a typical Meissner family dinner. Not christmasy at all. I wanted nothing more than to be back in front of KB sitting the car with Brittany. As dinner went on I was texting; what else was I to do? Talk to my loving family? I swear to God I didn’t say anything to anybody but for some reason it was national Pick on Andrew day. So I stormed off and went to my room and logged onto Myspace.

Brittany and I were being gay for about an hour then I fell asleep to make up for the lack of sleep I had last night. I was awoken by my mom to try a cookie she made last night, because that’s exactly what I want to do right, eat a fucking cookie while I’m half asleep. So I bit the cookie which was delicious, but it would have been better if I wasn’t semi unconscious. I fell back to sleep for about forty minutes until my aunt dawn and her boyfriend came over.

Dawn and Mike gave me $50, a new sketchbook (which I needed badly) and a Harry Potter 2008 calendar. I got all giddy and ran to my room to get my pencil so I can draw, but unfortunately everything I wanted to draw I was unable to get down on paper. I think the best drawings are drawn when you don’t plan on doing it.

My mom made a whole bunch of fried foods for us to eat as we sat around to exchange loving words and familyness? Yeah okay. I sat on a armchair and drew (the wrong way by the way; I got yelled at for blocking the walk way because I can’t go anything right. Right)

I moved into the kitchen and drank wine as I doodled. Now I’m here, writing a blog on Christmas eve, when I could be around people laughing and having a good time, and being super gay. I guess I’ll just doodle and watch a movie for the rest of the night.

Tis the season

Well, it's officially Christmas Eve. It doesn't even feel like it. It doesn't feel like Christmas is less than 24 hours away. This winter has been super hectic; between school, and work, and work, and more work. I've worked so much that the last time I had an Andrew day I didn't know what to do with myself. I wanted to go to work! That’s how bored I was...its sick right?

Fran came over tonight, no dance party though; we watched Japanese work out videos. They are the funniest thing! Tomorrow at work I am going to periodically use some of their moves while trying to understand should check it out. You tube "Japanese exercise video" Fran and I almost peed ourselves.

Brittany couldn't make it to my house tonight. Major sad face. I spent 65% of the night texting her though, and Fran spent the same amount texting her "friend" Dave...they are secretly dating, I can feel it in my lumpy tactical...what? lmao. that's from Drawn Together. pretty good show. Anywhoo, Olive tried to escape her cage tonight. It got so bad that I had to pip cleaner her cage doors shut. Last month she found out how to open the door and she use to escape in the middle of the night. once My cat Hermione found her in the Bathroom and Zack had to put her back in the cage for me because I was too busy being passed out from all the booze I drank the night previous...yeah, okay What is this, Thanksgiving? tehe...

I have work in less than five hours. It is currently 2:18 in the morning, and I have work at 7. nice huh? Brittany has work at 6:30, so I'm going to wake up early and call her to make sure she's up because she over slept last night and was an hour late for work. sometimes she does pretty stupid things, but we all make mistakes right? (tehehe...)

Since it is Christmas eve I guess I should tell y'all my plans for this holiday. Well...this morning I will be working at KB until 1, then I will be going home to a huge wonderful family dinner consisting of my Mom, Dad, brothers, Aunt Dawn, and Mike, Dawn's boyfriend...that's it. not much right? I'm jealous of Brittany; she gets to go out for Chinese food with her mafia family and hold the Asians hostage for mistletoe. Mmm...mistletoe, I didn't get any this year, that's funny, I usually buy it every year and hang it somewhere but I never use it and then this year, when I can use it I don't buy any...I am such a disappointment to society. shoot me now.
I smell nice because I just got out of the shower. I scrubbed all my troubles and dirt away unlike some people I know, with a loofa and some body soap, two things someone I know doesn't own. this "someone" will be left nameless for obvious reasons. Anyway, don't you love just getting out of the shower and smelling like a new born baby who was dropped into a bucket of rose pestles? I know I do. The next best thing is getting into a nice, soft, warm bed, with someone of course, and sleeping...and new sheets, which I want for Christmas (*hint twin bed hint*). Since Brittany was a no show tonight I had to cuddle with my hamster, Olive, but it's not very fun cuddling with a six inch hairy animal, she tried to get away multiple times. but it was the only thing close enough to the actual size of my Palma. (muahahaha)
the thing is I can't even make fun of her with out taking it back Immediately. it's disgusting how much I've been smiling these past four weeks. I love it, but it's so unnatural. I'm smiling as I type this....*hits head* stop! I can't even write a quarter of the stuff I want to say here, because *someone* will read this and never let me live it down...but maybe it'd be worth sai pas. I want to learn French again. Fran and I were watching Banned commercials and there was some from France and they got me wanting to retake French...maybe next semester, if I can.

It's getting late, and this was kind of pointless... good night all. Happy Christmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hella hella hella nervous (nervous)

It is currently 3:45 am and I'm still up. Why you might ask. It's because Fran and I had a super duper dance party in my room at 2 in the morning! There is nothing more satisfying than dancing for two hours, sweating, and then feeling 15 lbs lighter. Music makes me want to work out. Tomorrow I think I might run around my block a few times while listening to some pretty sweet dance music to get me a pumping.
I had work today. From 9-5:30. It went well though. I think now that Karen and Dave know about Brittany and I, works been a little easier. it's like a small weight has been lifted off my shoulders...hopefully it's more than a little (hint: I'm going to win!) speaking of shoulders, Fran started rubbing my shoulders as I was watching some video (probably porn) on you tube, or red tube; I don't remember. Anywhoo, she was rubbing them and she didn't say I have knots. I've been kind of stress free these past few weeks. Why? I don't know. maybe it's because I'm not taking school that seriously, maybe it's because I've been sleeping well (yeah, okay), or maybe it's because my love life has finally started to make me happy. Brittany is such a fag; I can't help but to smile when I see her.
I'm tired. Maybe it's because it's almost four in the morning. I want to go to bed, but I want more to cuddle with someone and fall, shut up. I'm such a fucking mush it makes me want to vomit like a white cat watching two other cats fight. Ha! Fran spent about a good forty minutes looking up porn on my computer. I Now have seen a girl shit in a cup and eat it and a girl fuck a stick shift...nice huh? That is classic television right there. I don't know how people get turned on by that's creepy. Fran is like the porn watching queen. She told me about some guy that fit his whole head into a girl’s vagina...Oooo Girl, check out my feet.
The dance party was awesome. If Brittany didn't have to leave so early, it would have been more fun *giggle*. We danced to some Britney spears which is always fun, some Ying Yang twins, and some Gravy Train. Hella Nervous is now one of my favorite make me nervous nervous nergvous! hella hella hella nervous nervous...yaay! good song. the video Fran shows me was able to give small children seizers, but it was fun to watch.
Brittany and I spent ten minutes in her car "waiting for the heat to kick in". we made small talk and caught up on lost times; I asked how her kids were doing, she said well. I told her about my trip around Europe, and who I lost my ear to that wild bear attack I was in. It was fun. We ended our rendez vous like a normal couple; we threw slaughtered pig feet and each other and chanted backwards to our demon God. That's all code name for being so fucking Gay I didn't even want to talk about it. *kicks foot* hehe...Life is wonderful sometimes.
I love making my mom nervous (nervous nervous). she asks me all the time "Andrew, you're being a good boya, right"? and I always smile and walk away. We isn’t doing anything wrong, but its fun to fuck with her head. Dave from work apparently wants to start a poll for how long it'll take us to have sex. He's such an ass sometimes. Funny, but an ass. Maybe it's a Dave thing; maybe ALL daves are creepy and weird... I'm not sure. I haven't met Frans Dave yet, but I bet I’ll find some reason for him to fit that description of my Dave theory.
The cops came to my house today. it was the funniest thing. Fran came over around 8:30ish: My mom drove one of my brothers friends home and I kind of forgot that Harley was outside, but I heard her barking...about ten minutes after my mom leaves there is a knock at the door. Brandon comes in and is like "there's someone here" so I got all giddy and gay and ran to the door to greet Brittany, but instead was a cop lmao.
"there's been a barking dog complaint" he said
I almost peed myself. I didn't know what to do. Harley wasn't barking when he came, thank God so the cop said
"obviously it isn't this house, there isn't a dog barking here" so I smiled and nodded and pretended that my dog was in my house all safe and warm and loved. I haven’t put her out since, not even to pee. she can use the toilet.
Fran was you tubing Poodle puppies for Brittany and she found this work out video of an Asian woman dressed as a poodle, and working out with a room full of aerobic poodles. If I wasn't all warm snuggled up in Brittany’s chest, I would have worked out with her. fun stuff. you tube it.
Well, it's past four and I should get to bed. ciao!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

*insert title here*

*sigh of relief* today was the last day of classes, thank God. I've been looking forward to this winter beak for a while, but yaaaay! I get to work 40 hours this week. What a joy huh? My room is a mess. I need to reclean it. Actually, it isn't that bad. I have clothes on the floor, but they're dirty so I cab just throw them in the wash. I wanted Brittany and Jen to come over tonight, but I guess that isn't happening. Brittany's mom wants her to stay home, and it would be kind of weird to just hang out with Jen, even though she is my favorite white wave (tehe).
I need to wrap Christmas presents. All my families’ presents are lingering in bags on my floor, collecting dust. I need to finish my Christmas shopping. I have everyone in my family except my nanny. I don't know what to get her. Other than her I need to buy for friends, but we're not exchanging presents until after Christmas so I can use my next paycheck for them.
I really need to save money. I have a whole 9.99 in my account right now, and I need to make that last until next Friday....damn. What else is new in my life? Brittany and I got Chinese food for dinner tonight. How May is delicious. Thanks Fran, you're good for something. Speaking of Fran, I drew an awesome picture of her for my drawing class. Look:
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I think it came out pretty fucking well, if I say so myself. It took me forever, but I don't think she likes it. She told me that if she actually looked like that punch her. Stupid bitch. =)
Anyway, How May. It's pretty fucking good. And cheap. And yummy. But their taste in music sucks. The whole time Brittany and I were there, there was awful old love music on. Every few songs Brittany and I would look up at the speaker and make a "what the fuck" face. Half way through the meal I just looked at Britt and smiled until she yelled at me. She calls me ugly and gay and stupid all the time, but for some reason it makes me smile. I decided that every time she would insult me I would compliment her, so for about twenty minutes or so our conversation went something like this:
Brittany: I hate you
Andrew: that’s cool. I love you.
Brittany: SHUT UP! God, you're so stupid!
Andrew: you're cute...
'Twas fun. I think our relationship has more fighting in it than actual compliments.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Autobiography box.

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I decided to paint the inside of my box bright green. Green is a color that represents me; it’s a cool color, it brings joy to whoever looks at it. I’d like to think I am like the color green. I would like to think that I make people happy when they see me. I didn’t change the outside at all. I think that finishing it would make it seem that I, as a person, am finished. I don’t believe that. If I were a piece of artwork I wouldn’t be finished. You never stop growing, why should your artwork?
As far as the inside of my box, lets start from the top: The knitting needles represents accomplishment; last year I wanted to learn to knit, so I went out and bought myself knitting needles and yarn and sat in front of my computer and watched How-To-Knit videos on you tube. Once I got down the basic rhythm of the stitches it got easy and I was able to make things. I usually just stay with unfinished scarves though. Next is the big Harry Potter action figure. I LOVE Harry Potter. I thought it was a great series. When the series first came out I wasn’t a fan at all. It wasn’t until the fourth installment was released I became hooked. My aunt Sue bought me my first Harry Potter book and I thank her each time I see her. Harry Potter is a major part of my life. My friends make fun of me for liking it but I don’t care. Next are the huge orange sunglasses. The sunglasses represent fame. Ever since I was little I wanted to be famous. I want to be either a famous
cartoonist or a fashion designer. Ever since fifth grade I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. I have about three of four pairs of oversized grandma sunglasses. I know they are a little feminine but what ever. One day I want people to scream my name because they love me and what I do.
The Smirnoff bottle cap is next. Why? Because it’s delicious plane and simple. I am not an alcoholic but I like drinking with friends and we have a love for Smirnoff’s…who doesn’t? The KB Happy feet gift card is the next thing. I’ve worked at KB for two and a half years. I like it there. KB changed me. It taught me to be more responsible, how to deal with people, how to actually work, but it didn’t teach me how to save money. Pay isn’t that well there but workings with people that become your friends make up for it.
Now getting inside the box: The first thing that catches my eye is the doodle of me. I did that forever ago on break at work. I tried to show that it is drawn on the back of a receipt but I guess it didn’t work that well. I love doodling myself, probably because I’m comfortable with whom I am. I don’t try to be anyone else but me. I don’t change myself around different people. I’m really loud and funny, I’m too bubbly for a guy but whatever, and we all have flaws, right. Above the doodle is a yellow pin that says “I <3 being Black”. Anyone who really knows me knows I love black humor. I love it so much. My dad is a sergeant in the city and he did security for the African parade a few months back. He came in my room the next day and gave me this pin. I almost pissed myself. I pinned it on my school bag and got compliments and laughs. My one English teacher, Mrs. Parera, wanted one. I got my dad to get another one for her. If I were able to choose my race, I would chose being black…that or Asian. Or a mix.
To the left of the pin is a hand made wand I made myself for my Ronald Weasley collectable doll (gay, I know). Robert Tonner made these 17 inch dolls from the Harry Potter movies and I had to have them. I tried remaking the characters wands for them, but it didn’t turn out so well, but I liked the results anyway. Next to the wand is a peace sign keychain. If I were in a beauty contest, I would be the only contestant who actually wants world peace. I love giving the peace sign, and I’ve noticed that in the past year I’ve become more and more like a hippie. My mom makes fun of me all the time because I’m going through this phase of wearing those headbands around my head…duh.
On the left side of the box is a Jones Soda label. The actual picture has nothing to do with me, but I love me some Jones Soda. Green Apple is my favorite, but FUFU berry isn’t too shabby. On the opposite wall is a magnet of the TV show “The Office”. I loooove this show. I don’t watch it on TV but I have the first three seasons on DVD. I’m big into stupid funny shows. Next I have a purple CD canny-cornered on the left hand side of the box. This represents my love of music. Without music the world would be boring. I love sitting down to do work or art and listening to some awesome music from my play list. Next is a Palm Reading book. I can’t really read palms that well, but I want to go to a physic like, reeeeaaaal bad. I kind of believe in that stuff; like seeing the future and what not. Next to the book is a pile of crayons. I love art. Art is a big part of my life. I’m majoring in art, and want to be a Fashion Designer. Ever since I was a wee little Andrew baby I drew and colored. I was an only child until I was seven so I didn’t really have anyone to play with outside of school, so I drew a lot.
Behind the crayons is a pin cushion with a needle sticking out of it. I sew. I know, girly, but my nanny taught me when I was little, and it stuck. I like making/altering my clothing to make them original. Next to the pin cushion is a Littlest Pet Shop Panda. Last year I bought a bag full of these toys and found one to fit each employee’s personality at work. Mine was the little panda. I love pandas. They’re pretty cool. I want to be a panda. In front of the panda are chop sticks. I love Chinese food. I’m the only person in my family who can use chop sticks, and eat with them. I feel special when I use them and everyone’s like “Oooh, ahhhh. How do you use them Andrew, the great”? I get all warm inside.
The quarter represents my love for money, and my bigger love of spending it. I am such a spendthrift. I was blessed with my moms shopping gene. I spend my paychecks before I get them. If I am being paid on Friday, I write checks on Wednesday. It’s bad, I know. Next to the quarter is a little orange cat. I found this cat in Michaels craft store and was like “That looks like Hermione”, my cat. I had to buy it. It actually doesn’t look like my cat at all, but what ever. I like cats. If I were able to chose what type of animal I could be, I’d chose a cat; a cat and a panda, Pat or Catanda. Hmnm…I sense a new species in the making. On the opposite side of the cat and quarter are a pile of buttons, I picked the primary colors because that makes everything, Red, Blue, and Yellow make every other color out there. It’s kind of creepy, but cool at the same time. The buttons represents my love for Fashion. I always have random clothing on my floor or stuffed in one of my dresser draws.
Finally, in my little green box of Andrewness, is an old movie ticket for the movie Hairspray. I fell in love with this movie from the first time I saw it. I love the original, but the remake was amazing. I love musicals and this made me love them even more. I ended up seeing Hairspray in the theaters sex times, and I am now a proud parent of the shimmy and shake edition DVD.
My box is full of wonderful treasures (that’s what she said). I have mucho random things stuffed in there. That represents me though. I am extremely random. The outside doesn’t need to be done to be finished. This box represents me and how I am right now, December eleventh, 2007. (I didn’t want to type it out, but it would probably take the same about of time as that just did…*sigh*). My box is pretty nifty, like me *smile*

Monday, December 10, 2007

The way I am.

Growing up I was always told to be who I wanted to be. It's kind of hard to do that when it seems like everything I do is wrong. The other night Fran told me I was everyone’s Bitch, and you know what, she's right. I'm a really good person, and I believe in myself. I'm funny, and stupid, and loud, and cute, and I try to just be myself, I don't let others get me down, I've pasted that phase. But it's hard to be yourself when your family critizes everyone who is just likes you. If I weren't related to them would they poke fun at me if I were on TV? Would they call me a freak because I actually express how I feel about things? I'm sick of sitting back and listening to my family bash the way someone is dressing, or their race, or orientation; I know who I am, I sometimes think they don't. My brothers are going to grow up just like them; I see it already. They like to belittle people for they way they act.

My mom and I are celebrity gossips; her more than me. We visit X17 and TMZ everyday and laugh at pictures of celebrities doing stupid things. Let’s take Britney spears for an example: I really felt bad for her. You were able to see this sadness in her eyes; she never had a real smile on her face in any of the pictures that were taken. Everyone knows I'm a fan of hers but my mom would bash her but secretly love her. Brittany makes fun of me for it, but I know it is just joking, but my mom calls her a freak and I don't even know why.
I'm getting sick of being everyone’s whipping board. I don't have class today until 11:10, so I was more than happy to sleep in, but I couldn't. My dog Harley woke me up at 6:30 to let her out. I was all like "what ever, you gotta pee too girl". I was able to fall right back to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Last night I hung out with Bffl, my parents didn't want me to go out. My mom yelled at me and said I run every time a friend wants me to do something. I didn't care what she said, I went anyway. I was about to leave my house and my mom asked me
"Can you get me hair dye? You can dye my hair tonight when you get home. Don’t be long! I need my hair done". I told my mom I would be home around 11. She wanted me to dye her hair for her (because you know, she can't do it herself, but every time I want her to do mine it's okay for her not to want to). I rushed home so I wasn't late to do her hair. I walked in the door and my brothers are watching TV.

"Is mom up"? I asked
"She went to bed" Zack replied.

I didn't care if she was sleeping, I yelled up the stairs

"I don't want to do my hair right now" she groaned...

I was mad, just a little.
I was planning on sleeping in until 10:00, but that changed. My mom comes barging into my room at 7:50.
"Andrew, get up and do my hair" she demanded. Not even asked! She told me to get up and do her fucking hair.
I'm sick of running for everyone. Noone ever runs for me. Even when I was little, every time I wanted to go out it was always an incovience for everyone. I promised myself that when I got my license I wouldn't run for people, but that didn't happen, you know why? Because I'm a nice fucking person.

So I got up two hours early to do her goddamned hair. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I get called lazy for wanting to sleep in, but its okay for her to call me from upstairs in the middle of the night to go upstairs to shut off her TV when the remote is right next to her, or to get her water.

I'm sick of being walked on. I'm starting to feel like everyone is my pimp and I'm a bitch just there for entertainment. I can't sleep with out being called lazy, I can't eat without being called fat, I can't make any type of artwork without it being critiqued, I can't go out without running an errand, I can't express how I feel without being told I'm wrong. The other day I came home from school. It was really cold out so I had on my Pea Coat, a hat, and gloves. It was also really bright because there was snow on the ground, so I wore sunglasses. I wear big, oversized, old lady glasses. I walked into my house like that and the first thing out of my mom’s mouth was "take that off". I asked her why, she told me I looked stupid and I need to grow up. I wasn't doing/wearing anything wrong. I got all huffy and I went into my room. I then went on and there was a preview of the Spice Girl concert which Fran and I are super pumped for. I got all excited and ran inside to tell my mom. I was explaining it to her and reading the review to her and she cut me off and told me they were stupid. It really hurt me. I can't even talk about what I want. Is it sad that I talk to my neighbors or costumers about things in my life rather than my own family? I think the only person who actually cares for me is my Aunt Dawn. I can talk to her (even if it is only about her make up) but she listens to me and asks me how I am and how school is. It's kind of a spacey conversation but they point gets along.

I've been happy lately; I've been smiling a lot. A costumer told me the other day that I'm always smiling when they come in. I'm generally a happy person. I'm the type of person who smiles when we get in a cute TY beanie baby, or who laughs at themselves when I do something stupid. I'm the person who will be all giddy when I like someone, and everyone sees it. I smile at stupid hallmark cards, and always think of other people. I try not to let everything get to me. My other friends have a lot bigger problems than I do, and I try to tell them not to let it get to them. It's hard to do though.

Today my horoscope said: As soon as you wake up today, you should deal with the issues at hand right I doing that by writing this? I don't think so.

Grape soda.

well well well... Fran has inspired me to make one of these blog thingies.
Today I went to guitar center (heaven) and picked out a pretty sweet guitar. It’s all black and shiny and awesome. I can't wait to start playing with it (that's what she said). Brittany and Jen both approved and I felt pretty good about myself for picking out a good one. I've never played guitar before but I always wanted to. I once had a black electric guitar but I didn't want it so I threw it out...big mistake, I know. Brittany reminds me all the time. I want Outback. I want a blooming onion. I've wanted one for a while. Tonight Melany called me and told me to get ice cream with her. I told her I had a headache and no gas but she some how convinced me to go anyway. Damn her and her Libraness. We went to Friendly's and got appetizers. I love their loaded waffle fries. After eating the greasy food I felt really blah. I wanted to throw it back up. I need to start watching what I eat. I'm getting mucho fat. I have to start running again. For prom I trained myself to only eat 1500 calories a day, and I ran about 500 of them off per day. Everyday after school I would go to the park and run the track. It felt really good to do it. I would spend like three hours there a day. Sometimes I would run into people, like Fran or Brittany. We’d walk together but I'd stay after they left. Dave from work brought in pictures from Mikes wedding and in it was two pictures of me from after the wedding at work. My face was a lot thinner than it is now. I filled out after I stopped running. If only there was another prom for me to look good for.

Bffl secrets:

Bffl and I talk. We talk about things no one else can know. I'm pretty much open with everyone. I usually tell you if I don't like something, but there are just some things that can't be told to everyone. Bffl and I tell each other those secrets. We have a "BFFL BOOK" which we haven't used yet. It is collecting dust in my room along with the box of Bffl pens we got to go in the book. Tonight Bffl told me a big secret and I don't know how to react. Part of me wanted to jump off my chair and strangle her for being completely stupid with her decisions but another part of me just wanted to say "It's your life". Friends mean a lot to me and I wouldn't just sit back there and let them ruin their life. If there is a big problem I would step in and slap the fucking shit out of them until they see they're wrong. It wasn't anything that major, but it was still big. I hope she won't do anything like that again (you know which part I'm talking about) and please don't do the other thing either. Thanks.

PALMAgranate Ice Cream:

I went to Hofstra the other day because I had to go to the city to visit the MOMA for my drawing I class. It was fun. I got to see Fran whom I haven't seen in like two weeks. Her roommates said some funny things. Allie mentioned her professor’s daughter’s deformity on her finger and Fran made a funny about Funions. :) Over all it wasn't that shabby of a time. Bffl and I got Baskin robins one night. I got a Pomegranate smoothie; it was delicious. Since then I was on the hunt for Pomegranate ice cream. Little did I know Haagan Daz makes it. I bought a pint and it was amazing. Most definitely worth the $4 Fran paid for it. As I was eating the purple deliciousness I was texting Brittany. That girl makes me smile the gayest fag smile ever. I don't know what it is, even when she insults me it’s like a fucking compliment. It must be because I have an oversized inflated ego that makes me smile even when I'm being called king of all gays. The thing is I know she likes it when I'm being "gay". Fran was making fun of her last night. Britt and I were over Frans house being "gay" and Brittany was all like "Stooop" " nooooo" "ew gay". Fran was mocking her in that mocking high pitched voice;

Brittany: "Stop. EW! GAY!"
Fran: "Nooooo, Don't, Stop, Gay, Touch me, I love you"

It was funny because when we insult each other we usually do it with a smile. I love flirty fights. The kind that you laugh when you're being punched in the face with brass know which ones I'm talking about. I'm surprised "no one" at work hasn't suspected anything yet. They probably have but haven't said anything, so they'll talk about us behind our backs like good friends do...what time is it? OOooh, it's almost one. I guess I should get going. Peace out Girl Scout.