Wednesday, March 10, 2010

True Life: I'm a shopaholic

It has come to my attention that I, Andrew Steven Meissner am a shopaholic. I realized this months, no, years ago, but did nothing about it. From now on, however, I am going to *try* to not spend money as much as I do...mainly because papa needs a new set of wheels, but also in the long run it would be nice to have money in da bank, ya mean?

Anyway, after coming to this realization that I am addicted to spending money I decided to clean up my room and make it all pretty and more organized. While doing so I counted most of my clothes and here is the inventory:

Tops (including Shirts, Sweaters, and Sweatshirts): 135...ish
Bottoms (including pants, Jeans, and Shorts): 25...ish
Shoes: 20...ish
Jackets: 2
Suits: 2 (well technically one suit and one tux but whatever)
Ties: 15...ish
Belts: 4
Suspenders: 2
Hats: 10
Scarves: 15...ish
Sunglasses: 20...ish

Why do I have over twenty pairs of shoes? do I really need them all? no. Do I wear them all? no, but I have over twenty pairs of shoes...and that is not counting what is under my bed, that is why there is an "ish" after some of the count.

I have a problem, and I really need to start working on it. le sigh.

Anyway, here are the results of my room purge:

These are some shirts rolled up into boxes I took from work :)

This is where the magic happens.

nom nom nom.

This is my other girlfriend, Chocolaundra.

Best wall of the whole closet :)

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