Friday, March 11, 2011

Rolling in the deep

Sooo… it’s been a while since I’ve written anything in this…that could be because I kind of sort have maybe forgotten about this little blog of mine here until about three days ago when I was rummaging thru old files and there was that story I was working on saved on my computer and a little, eco friendly light bulb popped on in my head and reminded me that I have an awesome, hysterical blog somewhere lingering on the interweb (that’s what Deirdre calls it btw) so I’m back and with vengeance…at least for now anyway.

It’s about 12:40 in the morning and I’m wide awake due to my five hour nap I took earlier in the day when I came home, kicked off my shoes and was going to “lay down and take a quick cat nape” but obviously I was in a cat coma and next thing I know it’s 10:00 and boo is texting me telling me she’s leaving work and on her way home.

I kind of forgot what I wanted to write in here…so I guess I’ll just ramble. Btw, I’m totally sitting on my floor, with like six blankets and a body pillow (mostly because my room is an ice box for some reason, and because the typing was too loud for boo, who’s peacefully snoring away as I type). Let me paint you a picture of what I look like right now; I’m wearing a t shirt and bright orange boxers with fish on them. Curled up on my floor in a mound of blankets on a electric blue, zebra body pillow and my laptop with me…normally this wouldn’t be weird but you see, the screen on my laptop is broken, so I have it hooked up to a computer monitor so I can see what the fuck I’m looking at. Sooo…I’m tangled in these blankets with wires of all sorts and a fucking computer screen sitting next to me and a laptop on my lap. How fucking ghetto is that? I’m going to fit in perfectly in Queens if we get that apartment.

What apartment you may ask? Well, Deirdre and I have been looking into apartments because my parents are moving, and I’m trying to move up at work and make a living, so deirdre and I have decided to shack up : ) we (by we I mean Deirdre) found this AMAZING apartment on craigs list that sounded way too good to be true, but it was/is 110% legit! There was a link to the complexes website and everything. Anyway, it’s a one bedroom with four closets, in a complex that has a Laundromat, a gym, and a shopping center on site, 24/7 security, a watering hole for children to drink out of in the middle, and it’s on the FUCKING BEACH! It’s literally like apartment, boardwalk, beach. AMAZING right? Right!

In other news I’m beyond excited that the weather has been getting warmer. Besides the 150 mph winds (and the fear of being blown away every time I open my umbrella or put on a nun costume) the weather has been nice lately. It’s getting me excited for summer and everyone knows what the summer does to me…Andrew becomes an alcoholic once again. I can’t wait to sit outside and roast marshmallows and drink. Oh how I yearn for the sweet taste of tequila hitting the back of my throat and boys taking advantage of me once again. Oh summer, how I’ve missed thee.

One would think that because it’s so late, and I kind of want to go to sleep (but just can’t) that I would drink water, or warm milk to make me sleepy, but do I? nope. I’m sitting here with basically a gallon of homemade iced tea (which apparently has more caffeine than coffee?) so obviously I won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

I’ve been wanting new glasses for like, six years so the amazing Christine Holt ( check out her music page huuuurrreeeee: ) introduced me to this wonderful, wonderful website called WARBY PARKER, and it’s a site where you pick out five pairs of glasses you like and they send them to you for a at-home try on…for FREE! You get to keep them up to five days, and as long as you send them back within the five days you’re bank account won’t be charged a cent. I tried on my five pairs and can’t decide which ones I want (actually that’s a lie; I know which ones I want I just want everyone to tell me how good I look) the following images are of the five pairs I tried on. Leave a comment below to tell me which one you think I should get!

*sigh* I finished my iced tea and am still fo real thirsty. I need to invest in a black friend.

What else to talk about? Hmm… I’m listeing to Adele (<3). I found her while I was channel surfing upstate a few years ago when her video for ‘Chasing pavements’ was on and I thought she was that tall, thin girl in the video, but nope, she was actually the heavy girl hiding behind the tree and sitting in the car. I was really mad, because she’s sooooooo talented and really pretty. I was kind of disgusted because I felt bad for her and thought America made her hide herself and replaced her with this attractive girl for people to look at. Well, Fuck you America! She’s amazing! I kind of don’t like that she’s getting super famous now though, because that means everyone will start to listen to her. I like being a part of a select few that listen to not to well known artist. It makes me feel special, shut up. This is lady gaga all over.

There's a fire starting in my heart,
Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark

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