Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What you know about being a hard-man? Your mum buys your bling.

Do you know what I love? I love driving down Woodside ave, behind a car and Ooo that car in front of me is turning down the same street I am. And then OOOOoo!! He’s turning down that street too, and the next one, and fuck, son, he’s turning down my block. I love that feeling where even though I’m not, but I feel like a stalker because the person in front of me is going in the same direction I am…and they kind of speed up because in my mind I think that they’re shitting themselves because they think I’m following them, going to follow them home, park my car across the street, and murder them when they get out of their car…muahahahahahaha! I’m funny. And tired. Shit, I’m tired, and I don’t know why. All I’ve been doing is sleeping. I got this rash and all I want to do is sleep, it’s sick. Today, all I did was sit around my house until 8 and did nothing.
Wanna know what else I love? Sam’s club. The other day I went there for the first time in like two years and I basically peed myself around each corner. Croissants? Boom! Pee. Meat? boom! Piss. Books? Boom! URIN! I was like daaaaaaaaaaaamn…hmm…I don’t know what I’m saying. Good night.

That whip don't make you a big man
That chain don't make you a big man
I know you think you're a big man
But really you're just a waste, man

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