Friday, October 10, 2008

Is there nothing inside of me anymore?

Okay, so I’ve become a little obsessed with the Twilight series, kill me. I seriously want to be a vampire, like fo real real. Like any other fan girl I’ve been researching the series and fanart and stuff online. I just came across a website with pictures of the release party from Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the series, and the pictures were creepy. There were millions of girls in wedding dresses, and yellow porches, and guys trying to look hot, and ‘Team Edward’ shirts, etc…I rolled my eyes and called them stupid. Then I realized ‘Hey, I’m one of them’: I dressed up for the release party for the last Harry Potter movie/book, and now I want to be a vampire. I’m no better than them. Sigh. Life has come to this.

In other stuff, I borrowed Wondershowzen from Brittany (well, technically Devon…thanks dev) and I watched the first disc with my brothers tonight. Hehehe. That show is awesome on so many levels.

Oooo it’s one in the morning. Must go to Brittany’s now. Yeah, we have the house to ourselves all week ;) be jealous. i want twizzlers.

I’m just looking for the easy way out
But I’m stuck in the clouds
And it’s pouring in here
Don’t say that I’m doubting them now
I’m just looking for ways for this not to go south
Ooooh, I’m nowhere near.

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