Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good bye twenty oh nine.

And hello twenty ten. I can not believe that 360 days ago I was sitting down (in frans dining room) typing a blog about how much I thought 2009 would suck…and I was wrong for the most part. I actually had a pretty good 2009, there were a lot of changes that happened and I did some growing up which only made me even more awesome ;)

Lets see, what has happened this past year?

January: Hmm… I brought in the new year by singing karaoke with Fran, Ryan and Bfll. We drank and hung out. I worked my last few shifts at good ol KB toys.

February: all I can remember from February is spending about $100 on supplies to make my mom a gorgeous birthday cake. I think I went on a date with that girl Caitlin sometimes around then too…*shrug* oh! Lmfao, and KB officially closed and I got an extra $300 in my last pay check. Oops.

March: OK cupid took over my life. I was re reading old emails and I TOTALLY forgot about that little fling I had with that chocolate JAI latte. All I did was sit around and watch TV because I was totally unemployed. OMG the britney spears concert! How could I forget that? I’m an ass.

April: Jenny’s 22nd birthday at Chili’s. that’s when my car started acting weird. I played dad to my brothers when my parents went away for a week. I went on my interview to H&M sometime at the end of the month and things started to look up. Bffl moved away, which was sad.

May: new job, new school goals, new Andrew. This is when H&M started to rule my life. With a new income came new things. I totally redid my room from ceiling to floor (literally. I ripped up my rug one morning). I went on the FIT interview where my portfolio blew everyone elses out of the water. I went to my first H&M outing where I drank and danced all night. One…two…three…I LOVE YOU! Hahaha!

June: The big O. the big Two oh, that is. No longer was I a teenager. Settled for Applebees for my birthday, but had a really good time. I treated myself to a new tattoo ^_^

*bffl got married sometime around here*

July: White trash partaaay! Naked marco polo. Boobies all over the place! Finding out my mom liked spur of the moment sex.

August: umm…augusty stuff. Decided not to go back to school.

September: started to work at the office. Buzzed all my hair off. Clean start.

October: ZOMBIE. Best Halloween makeup job. Ever. Spending over $300 on makeup. Left the office for full time at H&M.

November: best thanksgiving with the family. More hours at work means even more income which means even more new things.

December: money. Crazy working hours. Being stuck on a train with a cop. Bonding over dead baby jokes.

And here I am. Writing this.

Obviously there was a lot more that happened throughout the year, I just don’t remember. All in all I would have to say that 2009 wasn’t too shabby. Lets see what 2010 has to offer.



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