Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saddle Up

Do you want to know what really creeps me the fuck out? Security guards. They are sooooo fucking creepy. For anyone who doesn’t know the security guards in Gateway plaza, lucky you; they are the creepiest things ever. One time a black one pulled up to Fran, Karen, Dave and I and asked for a pen and a cigarette, and one time Karen swears she and Dave saw the security guard being pleasured by some woman in the car…yeah, we got some real good protection up in herre girl.

Tonight, after work Brittany and I went to Outback (good day mate). We had a well earned Alice spring chicken and blooming onion…She has to sit through hours of bullshit for her new job at Payless, and I had to work tonight. Anyway, we go to Outback and eat some yum yums. We were finished by eleven something so we decided to go to the movies. We saw ‘Mad money’. It was pretty good, I guess. There was an annoying man sitting a few seats down from us who would laugh at the most retarded things, and there was a couple in front of us who were giggling and being gay (hey! It’s cute when Brittany and I do it!) Speaking of Brittany and I doing stuff…nah! I shouldn’t say…

So we leave the movie. OH!!! I have to tell you this story:

Last night my brother had a hockey game, so Britt and I stayed here and watched Hairspray and stuff…we then went to Walgreen’s for something and by the time I got back to my house my family was home so Britt and I sat in my car and ‘talked’…

I walk into my house and there is my entire family sitting on the couch staring at me. I give them a fake smile and say Hi. Zack then goes
“Bout time. What took you so long in the car?”
My face must have been whiter than an albino’s ass after getting an ass bleaching. My dad told him we were ‘talking’ and I gave him a dirty look…WTF? Were they watching us? Creeeeeeeepy…

So anyway, today I’m at AC Moore and I get a phone call from Brittany. I knew there had to be something up because so never calls me (we’re more of a text messaging couple). I pick up and I hear “This is very important” the genius somehow left her wallet (strike one) in my car and she needed her license for her interview with the Russian from Payless. So I race home to check my car, which there in my front seat was a little pink wallet owned my Brittany Lynne Palma. I giggled because sometimes her forgetfulness can be cute. I called her to tell her the good news and my mom was like “Well maybe while you two were making out it fell out of her pocket”…again, where they watching us because I really hope they weren’t.

Next on the genius couple’s list of the most smartest (yeah, I went there) things that can go wrong (oh btw, I did something REAL stupid. Again, but you can’t know what that was *giggle*)…

So anyway, after outback we went to the movies. Brittany made me let her pay for the movies because I paid for dinner *blank face/smile* I should have paid; we’re walking to the ticket ripper person when Britt asks me if I have my ticket. I look down at my hand which is empty and tell her no. somehow, she misplaced my ticket and receipt (strike two) so we had to go to the manager and she luckily believed us and reprinted a receipt so we were able to see the movie. After the movie we went back to her car to leave and it was hella freezing out so she started her car and decided to sit on my lap so she would stay warm, but she accidentally hit the hazard button and it got stuck (strike three)…sooo she lost her wallet, lost the receipt, and broke her car…that’s my girl. Oh and then, her blinkers stopped working on our way back to the KB parking lot where my car was all alone, cold and unprotected. Which brings us back to the point of this blog.

Security guards are fucking creepy. Brittany turns into the parking lot and there is the fucking security guard. We drive past him and he follows us. This isn’t the first time he’s done this; every time Brittany and I are in that parking lot there is the creep watching us… I think this might be the first time he’s seen the car with the windows defogged though, so he might have thought it was a different car…anyway, she parks next to my car and I get out and start it. Where is the guard? Across from us in the other parking lot, watching. I get back in her car and he pulls away. Not away away, but he goes around the parking lot and pulls behind us. FUCKING BEHIND US! Holy shit, he is soooo creepy. What the fuck does he think we’re going to do? Rob a store? (Although Mad Money did make me want to rob a bank)… Britt and I said our goodbyes and I went back into my car…I bet the security guard left after we left.

Any who, I’m sleepy and have work in like six hours so I should get some sleep. Night.

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