Saturday, May 10, 2008

I need high Ceilings.

I hate people. I hate that they are so…retarded. I hate that we take advantage of each other and just assume that we don’t mind cleaning up your shit. I’m talking, of course, about the customers of good old Kay Bee Toys. Yes, it is our job to clean the store. Yes, it is our job to help you when you need it. Yes, it is our job to try to be as helpful as possible, but NO! It isn’t our goddamned job to pick up after you and your goddamn kids who throw their shit around like they own the place and you stand there on your goddamn Bluetooth chatting away to your fat girlfriend who is sitting home watching reruns of Sex and the City with a gallon of ice cream in her mouth. I swear, one day at work I will flip out on someone. Mark my words.

On a lighter note:

I was in Shop rite yesterday with my mom and we were by the meats. I look around and read some of the labels of the bags while my mom looks at beef and pork. I hear my mom talking to someone so I focus my attention back to her; she’s talking to an old man about coupons. From what I got the man goes through the store’s flyer and cuts out the coupons and sticks them in the things that are on sale, giving whoever finds it a coupon. I thought that was really really nice of him. When they finished talking he went to push his cart away and caught my eye. I gave him a wide smile and he stopped walking. Without knowing who I was he turned to my mom, tapped her on the shoulder and told her to have a happy mother’s day. My heart skipped a beat, this guy didn’t even know I was her son, didn’t know that she had kids but he did know. It was weird. I felt like giving the guy a hug because of what he said, because of the coupon thing he did. This man was generally a nice person, someone who is extremely rare to find these days.


iheartbunnys said...

let me say 'hellz yeah' to the cleaning up after fucking customers thing....this past mother's day weekend has been hell at jcpenny. i almost cried the other night...
on another note..
i miss you!!! i love reading your blogs and they make me wish i could be there in person to hear all this come out of your mouth :) soon i should have a better schedule...and i mean...birthday week...i am just soooooo there

Reptar! said...

i bet your mom was flirting with him. THE WHOLE TIME!

I <3 Michele