Saturday, May 10, 2008

I was riding shot gun with my hair undone.

Did you ever notice how some cars are just like their owners? It’s weird. I was driving home from school the other day, singing to ‘our song’ by Taylor Swift (because I can’t stop listening to it) and I was at the light of north ocean and Woodside and I looked to my right and there was a heavy butch brunette with a leather jacket on rocking out to 80’s metal music. I looked at her car; she was driving a bright red corvette. I thought it suited her just fine. I smiled and continued to sing. As I drove home I thought about my car. Did it suit me? I think so. My car is white on the outside and grayish tan on the inside. It’s simple and not flashy at all. Three hubcaps are missing and there is a scratch on the front bumper. On the inside there is a clutter of papers and water bottles everywhere. You’ll usually find empty star bucks cups and paper plates from the previous week. There is no tape player, no CD player, and the fan belt squeaks when I drive (begging for attention ‘look at me look at me’ like I am when I walk into a room). I don’t need the CD player because I have my ipod and an adapter for the radio. I think that my car fits my personality. Sure I’d like a flashy black dodge neon with black interior and a working radio, but I think my car’s pretty chill right now.
I started thinking my theory with my friends. Brittany’s CRV is just like her; kind of hard looking at first glance, but as you look longer you notice the elegance of it. The blue balances out the shape of the car. The sides of the car have dents in it from being mishandled. You open the door and BAM! A whole lot of shit happens at once; there is paper all over the place, used cups on the floor, gum stuck in compartments, crumpled up doodles, bags of popcorn, a portfolio, a box from build-a-bear left there since February, and clothes in the backseat. At first one might think this is chaos, but once you drive in it you understand that it is her. A lot of shit happened in that car…a lot of shit exploded *giggles* in that car, and once you get past the first layer you see the awesomeness and softness of the CRV (that is of course, you have air in your tires and check the breaks…

Chunk is Fran. If Fran was a car she’d be Chunk. There’s something about that dodge neon that just screams Fran. Maybe it’s because its name is chunk (and only Fran could get away with naming her car that) or maybe it’s because that car kind of grew up with Fran, Melany, and me since she got it; at first it was all like “cool! A car, let’s go out and do stuff because we’re teenagers” now it’s “I need to drive to work and then we can chill at the park after dark”…not saying that Fran is dull and works, but we know to put work and responsibilities before some stuff. I think that the shape of Chunk is kind of like the way you would shape Fran; not saying Fran is awkward and round, but cool, and free flowing. Dodge neon’s are such cool cars, they really are. What makes Chunk even more awesome is that it is a fucking AWESOME blue; a neon is usually a girly car, but the blue spices it up a little and adds that spunk and extra umm…coolness to the car, like Fran who can be very girly, but she also be very laid back and ‘what ever’ if you know what I mean.

There isn’t much to say about Jen’s car though. I look at it and think: Blonde. I look at Jen and think: Blonde. If you don’t know who Jen is (and you should because Jen’s the coolest Aries ever) you will know exactly what I mean by blonde; not stupid and sluttish, but bubbly and awesome. Jen’s car is not the one we all use all the time (because that girl is always working) but when we do we have a hella time.

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Reptar! said...

well, yeah. neons are usually girly cars but fran's has a touch of butchness to it that distinguishes her from being a total girl. on a scale of 1-10, I'd give Chunk a 7 of heterosexuality; his make and model constitutes the girliness, while the color makes her a little gay on the outside. yeah, thanks.

and i'm glad you think that I'm chunky, too.

fucking cunt.