Saturday, August 30, 2008

Girl, you really got me now.

Ugh. What to write? I have like three blogs written out in a notebook but I don’t want to type them out. I think I’ll just ramble on about shit until my fingers are sick of typing (which will be soon). School started again. I really like this semester so far. My harry potter class is awesome!!! Besides it being a harry potter class, jenny is in it with me, which makes it even better. Someone who I can argue with and laugh about it with later. The first class was the sorting ritual. I was super excited about it because I was trying to slytherin my answers up a bit, so I can join Jen in the green and silver group. But I had to open my fucking mouth and be knowledgeable, and get stuck in Ravenclaw. The question I answered wasn’t even my question, it was a class question and I just happened to shoot my hand up and say the answer, like a typical Ravenclaw.

We had our first model in my life drawing class yesterday. Our model, Dennis, is an older, dirty, man with a midget arm for a penis, and a few missing teeth. The class was an hour and forty-five minutes of drawing Dennis. It was fun, and the time went by pretty quickly.

What else to write?? My fingers keep hitting the wrong keys, and adding new letters into the word, making my page fill up with those annoying red squiggly lines.

I’m trying to talk to Brittany right now, but it’s taking her forever to respond back to me because “nuttin” takes forever to do apparently. *eyes droop* I’m getting sleepy, it is about 3:20 in the morning. I should probably go to bed soon but I feel like there is more that I want to say. I think there are a bunch of things that want to burst out of my fingers and onto this page, but I can’t think of any right now. I’m sorry this was such a boring post. Forgive me father for I have sinned.

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