Saturday, September 6, 2008

Am I the only sour cherry in your fruit stand?

I’m having serious Brittany withdrawal! It’s literally killing me not seeing her and I haaaaate it! I’ve been checking my phone nonstop for the past two days waiting for a text message. Call me crazy, but I miss her like woah.

It’s raining out. Yay! Today at work Linda kept hinting that if we do get this huge storm that we’re supposed to get tomorrow I might get called out from work. I really hope this happens, but I really doubt it will. You know weather people, always predicting the wrong things. All weather people should have the last name Trelwaney, right?

What else is knew in my life? Nothing. Today I worked a 12-9:30 shift because Erin went home early because she didn’t feel well, so I came in 2 hours early.

Sigh. I would really really love for a 5’ blonde cop would text me right now and tell me she loves me. I really need to hear/read it. I hate being the girl in the relationship, why do I always over think everything?

Shout when you wanna get off the ride
'Cause you crossed my mind, you crossed my mind
Made my blood thump 7-8-9
Make my heart beat double time

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