Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love it when you call me legs in the morning buy me eggs.

I just wasted an hour and a half of my time doing surveys on myspace. I’m redonk, I know but there was nothing else to do. Almost every single survey had “what would you eat right now” and I kept saying nothing, then what do I do? I make mashed potatoes. I’m such a butter beast ^_________^ BUTTER BEAST! I miss being called that. I was thinking about this today: this time last year I was in my first semester at college, and Brittany, Jen and I got really close. This time last year We started writing The Store at my house almost every night. This time last year we bought each other Starbucks every meeting, or we’d just go late at night to the 24 hour one and sit in the car and talk, or go stalking. This time last year we WENT STALKING!!! Yeah! This time last year Brittany was still working at KB and we tried on all the Halloween costumes one night when we were dead. We didn’t do anything when we worked with each other. This time last year we were hiring seasonals, getting ready for black Friday. This time last year I was throwing up on Fran’s rug because I drank too much. This time last year Fran and Jen made fun of Brittany and me and swore we liked each other. This time last year I kissed Brittany’s neck and told her she was mine. This time last year I only drew in charcoal. This time last year I was eighteen. This time last year I was a red head, I had ’hazel’ eyes, I was a seasonal manager.

It’s weird how fast time flies by. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Brittany and I started dating. Weird. This was kind of pointless, but whatever.

Hey there sugar baby
Saw you twice at the pop show
You taste just like glitter
Mixed with rock and roll.

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