Thursday, September 25, 2008

Danger, Danger, candy from a stranger .

I started the Twilight series, and they’re fucking amazing. I can’t even describe it. Christina was the first person I know to read them. I was all “oh cool, yeah, they sound interesting” then Melany got into them, the Mel got Jen into them, then I had to read them. If Jen says it’s good, it’s good. Within the first three chapters I was hooked. I felt the words going through my veins, making me want, need more. I forced myself to read it in three days. It would have been two, but I fell asleep one night. Fucking tiredness. -_- anyway, I looooove the series so much, so far. One thing though (caution! Spoiler)

[In book two, Edward breaks up with Belle]

After reading that one part, that one page, like four sentences, I wanted to cry. I felt Bella’s pain; I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest and trampled over by a million fat women in tube tops. I sat in the backroom of KB toys, and sulked. I continued to sulk throughout the rest of the night until I started reading it again…

The only downfall of this book is one thing: it makes me miss my fucking girlfriend like woah! *snicker* every time Bella and Edward are together my heart bursts with giddy gayness and I want to grab Brittany and dance. I. Am. Such. A. girl. Seriously, I’m a full grown male, reading a teenage love story and instead of blowing it off to watch a football game, I’m cuddled under my sheets, with a Jesus mug of hot chocolate, giggling and squirming around, wishing I had a cuddle buddy.

I miss Brittany soo much, it’s not funny. Sunday was too long ago. Even though I see her Saturday, I want her now. Jen and I were walking in the hall after our Harry Potter class, and she got a text from Jon saying “I just wanted to tell you I love you” of something like that. Jen cooed, smiled and said “Best boyfriend award” with a giggle. I was silver and green with envy at her, because I can’t talk to Brittany throughout the day, I can’t just randomly text her with an “I love you” and have her respond. No, I can send it, and wait twelve hours for a response (if I get one) and they’re usually “ew, gay. You make me sick” or something like that. I really really just want one day and do absolutely nothing but stay in bed and cuddle. Sigh. Today is our ten month anniversary, and I was stuck at work, with Dave, doing truck, while she was at the academy, not allowed to use her phone, so she can’t see all the texts I’ve sent her, telling her that I miss her, and love her. What makes it even worse is it’s Fran and Ryan’s one month anniversary and I bet they’re cuddling right now, or out dancing, or walking the streets of Manhattan, or cow-tipping, or something fun.

Grr..the weekend should be five days long.

I’m going back to reading now.

You don't need to sugar coat it
I got it, and you know it

All of the pieces with it
Candy from strangers

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Reptar! said...

Actually, to be more accurate:

He was supposed to meet me at Hofstra around 4 and I did not hear back from him until then, in a text where he told me he got caught up at work because computers exploded or some shit like that. So he did not get here until about 6:30ish and by then I was way too exhausted to even care where we went or what we did.

At dinner, we had wine which made me a bit wired and made Ryan sleepy...sleepy to the point where he was falling asleep at the dinner table.

After dinner, we went back to my room and we did cuddle for a bit. But I dont really remember much of what happened between then and going to his car to say goodbye.

But since he got to my dorm room late, we couldn't do what he had planned. And then, yesterday, he wanted to make it up to me, but he was late again and then we had to take Karen to Bethpage to buy a bike from some dude on Craigslist and by the time we were done it was about 9pm, so the plans he had again were ruined.

So there has been no extremely romantic anniversary celebration that you should be totally jealous of...except he got me my sunflowers :)