Sunday, May 31, 2009

up up and away.

So, have I mentioned that I love my job? Okay, maybe not the job, but I love the people. Friday night was Corey’s birthday bash and I had a fucking blast. I can’t just pick a favorite moment. All night I drank coronas and did some jello shots and danced my ass off. It was so fun. For his present, I drew him a picture of everyone from our job and he cried when he opened it. Cried. It was one of the funniest/sweetest moments I’ve ever seen. Myself along with Nicole, Melissa, Thomas, Danielle, Andrew sideburns and Kenny(?) left the party after 2:30. Thomas and I had work at 8:00 so we were tres tres sluggish the entire day, and Nicole showed up late and everyone was just bleh. last night we all went to Melissa’s house, and again we drank and played music and talked about shit. I really didn’t think I’d like everyone as much as I do. Creepy ^_^

Today was Brandon’s communion and my mom made me go to the church. Ugh. I really thought I was going to burn the second I stepped on the grounds. I haven’t been in that church in like 4 years and being in it today reminded me why; because everyone is…churchy. It was so scary. I hate religion. Ugh.

After church we went to friendlys (yum) and then I was off to work. After work tonight I went to see UP with Jenny and Franny cakes. The movie was a fucking roller coaster for your emotions. I was crying one minute then peeing my self the next. Cray-zee fo sure, fo sure.

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