Monday, May 4, 2009


Dear ok cupid members,

It has come to my attention while browsing through many of your profiles, that many of you have answered that one of the “six things you can never do without” is love. This is ridiculous. Will you die if you don’t have love? No. infact, since you are on this site, searching for love, that means that you are still alive, correct? Unless you are on your death bed, living off life support with tube up your nose, please shut the fuck up about not being able to do without love. Suck it.

Thank you
Yours truly,



I posted this on ok cupid, and got responces:

1) Actually, you're ridiculous. Do you just want everyone to put "water, food, oxygen, shelter, etc" as his or her six things you can't do without? What a boring site this would be. You're probably one of those who thinks that putting those into that section is "clever". Also, you do need love. Without the care and affection of other human beings, one does not develop fully. The point of the section is to see more about someone's personality, not what the person needs for his or her bodily functions.

2)All such lists must begin with "subatomic particles" and end with "the universe".

3)Are you telling me that you have no love in your life whatsoever, and are here looking for it? Because if so, bummer, and also scary. Living without a romantic relationship is one thing; living without love is quite another.

4)Please shut up about telling other people what they need.
Doing without isn't the same as surviving without, BTW.

so i responded:

wooah, take it easy. I posted this for a few reason: 1) to see if there was anyone who agreed with me; 90% of the people on here are on here to find love, simple. i was only saying that it there are a few other places on your profile that make it pretty obvious what you're here for, you do not have to write that you can't be without love (and i meant it relationship wise, for your information) 2) as a pure joke. noone can take this site seriously; isn't this a online 'dating' site? i'm sorry, but when i'm serious about looking for a relationship i don't go and play "bang or pass" or "what kind of pubic hair does the person above you have". I joined this site for a laugh. everything i say should be taken with a grain of salt. I find it funny that you are arguing with me and asking me if I don't have love in my life; of course I do, silly face. I wanted read a bunch of people's pages, and thought it would be funny to post this; there was no seriousness behind it. God, lighten up. 3) I wanted to see how many people actually read my profile, instead of just looking at my gorgeous face. 4) i love starting arguments. *diabolical bunny paws/ evil laugh)

then got back:

oh please. you and I both know that this post was a failed attempt at being cool.

to which i posted:

I don't have to try to be cool; it comes naturally *buffs nails*

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