Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So today was my first day off in like six days, and I wanted to lay out and get tan an whatnot, so I wake up around eleven and step outside…it was chilly. Bummer. I was texting coral and she was like “where are you living because it’s warm out” so I go outside again, and sure enough it was warm out. Yay. So I set up my shit jumped in my freezing cold pool and laid out for what felt like forever until I looked at my clock and noticed it was just a half an hour. Bored I got up and went inside and tried to fix my brothers computer. While I was waiting for shit to load I watched that Paris Hiltons new BFF show. Fucking redonk. Paris was disguised as some girl who was on the show and she had a Paris double to pretend to be her. Fucking redonk. The show is crazy.

I later went to Frans were we watched ugly betty and then went to Katie’s house for a party (which was like six of us). Fran has work tomorrow so we left after an hour (probably right before the party really started) where Fran basically told me I was a creepy flirt and should die. I then ran her over with my car.

On the way back to my house, out of nowhere my fucking windshield wipers broke. Thank god I didn’t drink that much at katies or I would be dead fo real reals. Tonight I made up my mind: I need a new car.

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