Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So Christina and I saw Obsessed tonight. I have to say that it was good, not great. If that movie taught me anything, it was to never fuck with a black woman’s man. Holy shit, Beyonce was crazy at the end. I was all “daaaay-uuuum” anyway, I really enjoyed it, but didn’t love it. There, Fran, a movie that I saw and didn’t think was the best. Fuck you ^_^

Speaking of Fran, I would like to just take a moment and point out how awesome of a friend she is. Yes, there are times I want to slap her in the face, or yell at her, or lock her and Ryan in two separate rooms, but I know that she would be there in a heartbeat if anything happened to me, or I needed her. And, AND! I know that if we ever fell out of touch the minute we saw each other again it would be the same as always. So here’s to you, Fran *lifts glass*, for being my friend.

Change. Change is sometimes good. Sometimes. There are times where you get a new job, and you meet new people, and you all really get along, and you love your job, and you start hanging out with those new people, and then you start doing really well at your job, and you can get a promotion, and meet the person of your dreams, and get married, and have kids, and have a great life…and it’s all because of that one change. But then there are times where you are on the other side of that change; your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/sibling gets that new job, and soon they are so happy with their change in life, that they completely drop you from their life. This would be where change is bad.

You know, every time I’m finally clear headed “It” pops up. It’s not one thing that it’s usually always in my thoughts, and sometimes I dream about it, but once I forget about it, it’s there, mocking me and it doesn’t even know it’s doing it. There are so many things I want to say to it, but I know that if I saw it I wouldn’t…I care too much about it, and the sad part is that it doesn’t care about me. It doesn’t care about anything anymore.

Sometimes I think Jen and I are on the same brainwave, because it always seems when one of us is upset, the other is usually upset about the same thing. This time…it was It. Jen is probably the only person who feels the same thing I’m feeling when it comes to it…I’m getting sick of saying It so I’m stopping now.

Yeah, this wasn’t the blog I expected tonight.

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