Friday, September 11, 2009

dude, your perspective on life sucks.'s 3:15 in the morning and i can not sleep which wouldn't be too bad if i didn't have work in six hours. ugh. i hate when i can't sleep.

I just finished watching the season premier of top model, and i must say that i was very disapinted with their makeovers this cycle. only two people got extensions and none of them had anything that drastic. stoopid. I'm also not so sure about the people on this cycle either. everyone just seems so...bleh. there is this one girl, Nicole though who i seem to like so far, she's really really quiet and quirky but super fierce when her picture is taken. she's also small and has long (now extremely) curly hair and brains which everyone knows is kinda my type *eye roll* i'm not saying she's gorgeous or anything and she is NO Allison Harvard *love* (because my first thought of her way she looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too anorexic for my taste, and i think it's effecting her speach) but throughout the episode she kind of grew on me except she should never, ever wear her hair back because her shoulders are too broad for her giraffe neck >_<.

as for the rest of the girls: I can already tell this will be a crazy season.

Ashley: i believe she is a dancer, and she got a long crazy weave.
Bianca: she reminds me of the girl Jai i dated a few months ago, only shorter, skinner, and bald. i can already tell she's going to be one of those girls I love or I hate.
Brittany: tyra gave her this gorgeous dark hair that makes her eyes creepy blue and makes her look like Sara Paxton (who i think is kind of gorgeous, btw)
Courtney: WTF is with the cast? how do you expect to walk the runway with a broken ankle? and i DO NOT like her new, dyke haircut.
Erin: she seems VERY immature (probably because she's 18). I do like her fucking snow white hair and eyebrows.
Jennifer: the token Asian girl who's going to do amazing but not have enough air time.
Kara: ugly. I'm sorry, but her lower part of her face needs to go.
Laura: southern, with a heavily annoying accent and kinda looks like the actress who plays Tara on Buffy.
Lisa: linda looks like Michelle whats her face from the second season of lost. she was only brought back after the CRAZY CRAZY Jesus girl dropped out, only to be eliminated the first episode. color me they had that planned.
LuLu: adorable. fucking adorable, but too bad she's 19, gay, and has her girlfriend's name TATTOOED ACROSS HER CHEST! le sigh.
Nicole: see above.
Rachel: huge fucking anime eyes.
Rae: the mother. i also love her white hair.
Sundai: don't really like her new, shorter do because her old long wavy weave was gorgeous on her. I also only think Tyra put her on here because she had a 'rough life' growing up. whatever.

so yeah, that was my mini top model review. I should REALLY get some sleep now, peace.

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