Friday, September 4, 2009

I've got a theory... could be bunnies.

that, and that i was a serial killer in a past life. i've been thinking about it a lot lately and i really think i was, i love blood, or anything to do with blood. i like really fucked up horror movies that involve a lot of killing and shit, and AND i actually think if i had to I could kill someone...which is funny because im anti hunting :)

in other forgot. I haven't blogged in forever but for some reason Brittany convinced me to make a new livejournal -_-

I've been thinking about tattoos. I want a few more.i want felix on my foot *coughjencough* :), and a matching 'meissner' in runes on my left arm and i've been seriously been thinking about getting a chest piece...if i lose weight so i can show it off of course because i keep seeing guys come into work with their really low V-neck shirts and a chest piece peaking out and i love it. I seriously think i want one. of what? no clue, but something fucking awesome.

Tomorrow I am actually starting a diet. like a real diet. i think i am just going to eat what my mom eats. I've been eating zone bars on the way to work and i thought why not? why not do this zone bar diet? for breakfast i am going to have a zone bar and a coffee or coolatta and for lunch i'll have a zone bar and whatever to drink (probably water) and maybe a piece of fruit or something, and a normal dinner, and even fucking popcorn at night. and i want to stop eating past 8pm and start running again because i miss it. i want to take my treadmill down from upstairs and put it in my room and start using it in the winter because it will obviously be too cold oout to go to the park.

i'm really excited for halloween! this year i am going to go to the halloween parade in the city with Dierdre from work. it sound sooo fucking awesome. I asked Jen and Fran to come with me too but Jen told me no flat out and Fran said 'we'll see' which is fran for no. i need less goey to school and worky friends who can be not responsible with me. rawr. :)

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