Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saw you twice at the pop show

I woke up late the next morning. Like really late. I didn’t hear my alarm go off but I did hear the quick *beep beep* of my phone telling me I got a text message. I rolled over. 1 new message: frAAn. I slid my phone open: hey. Sorry. Just got your message, I went to bed super early last night. I sent a quick email to Robert telling him I will be late, closed my phone, and got out of bed. I didn’t even want to know what time it was. My clothes from earlier that morning were all over my floor. I picked up my pants, threw them on, grabbed a shirt from my closet and headed to the bathroom where I brushed my teeth quick, ran my fingers thru my hair, and then was out the door.

“Andrew” said my boss, startling me from the doodle I was doing in my sketchbook by coming around the corner towards my desk “how’s that new character coming along”?

“I have some ideas but I’m not sure about them” I said handing him a stack of potential characters “I can’t seem to grasp it just yet”. After looking at all the pictures he handed me my pages back and said “what about her? Yeah, I like that. I think you got something there”. I looked down to what he was pointing to when I noticed that he was looking at my sketchbook.

“huh? I-” I began but he cut me off by saying “what are you talking about, Meissner? We got our girl right there. I want a final copy as soon as possible please”.

When he left I looked down at what I was drawing. Without even thinking, I drew a small, slender girl with big eyes and a mound of dark hair around her face. Without thinking, I drew Alli as our new character. I worked on redrawing the character to not look so much like her for the next hour or so and was interrupted by a knock at my door.

“come in” I said not looking up from my drawing.
“I figured you’d like some coffee. You seem like a milk and sugar kind of guy” said a cool, flirty voice.
I jumped, it was her. I couldn’t believe she was standing here, in the doorway of my office.
“actually I’m more of a just milk, no sugar kind of guy” I teased.
“oh, more manly than I thought” Alli joked. “whatcha working on there” she said heading towards my deck.
I quickly tried covering up my drawing with a few other ones. “Oh, just some sketches of a new character for my show.
She looked over my shoulder. “she’s cute” she said pointing to one of the earlier sketches of a tall, thin girl with short ginger hair and a nose ring.
“Yeah, she is” I said. “but I’ve seen cuter”
She raised her eyebrow.
I smiled. “what are you doing here”? I asked taking the cup of coffee from her hand “how do you even know where I work”?
“I have connections” she said taking a sip of her drink.
“stalker” I laughed.
“so…do you get a lunch break or something” asked Alli.
“Yeah, I do actually” I noted.
“yeah? Well when”? she asked
“um…about now” I grinned.
I stoop up, grabbed my jacket and headed towards Alli.
“have anywhere in mind” I asked holding the door open for her.
“yeah I do actually” she said walking out of the door and giving me an extremely flirtatious eye. “Ever hear of a little place called Starbucks”
“you know what, I think I might have been there once or twice” I joked.

We walked downtown a few blocks and chatted about nothing. We sipped our coffee and occasionally brushed our hands up against each others. It was really nice out. I don’t know why I grabbed my jacket, I didn’t need it. I looked at Alli who was wearing a pencil skirt and a simple silk blouse, her shoes were the only thing flashy on her, bright red high heels. Her hair was pulled back today in a simple pony tail, but pieces were falling out all around her and framing her face. There was something about the contrast between the dark, ink like hair and her pale eyes that made my knees weak.

“what” she asked catching me looking at her.
“Nothing” I said and put on a goofy grin. “you look good”
“thanks. Not looking bad yourself” she teased. I was surprised to hear that since I was wearing the same pants I wore last night and a plain, button down flannel shirt.

We ended up stopping at a near bye café where we both ordered a salad. We found a table in the upstairs seating and chatted about absolutely nothing for the next hour.

Back at work, I found it a lot easier to draw my character. Everything seemed a lot better. I also wasn’t so tired or hung overish, just really smiley. Alli and I made plans to see each other later that night, I couldn’t wait for it to be 5:00. There would be no overtime tonight, tonight I was getting out when I was scheduled.

As soon as the clock turned 5 I rushed out of my office. Once home I picked out an outfit of a short sleeve purple, grey and green plaid button down, and dark washed jeans. I jumped in the shower and threw on my outfit along with a pair of grey pointed toe shoes and a few sprays of cologne. I dried my hair and styled it. I usually always was presentable, but tonight I was extra presentable.

I grabbed a cab and took it to the address Alli gave me earlier that afternoon. It wasn’t that far from the bar we went to the previous night, just a few blocks. I paid the cab driver and went into the building. Allis apartment building was rather nice. I took the stairs up to the fifth floor, room 43B. I knocked on the door. I heard movement from the other side, a crash, and a cat meow.

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