Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I want a pair of uggs, and sweatpants so I can tuck them into my uggs. Jen and I went to the mall today and I tried on a pair and they are the coolest shoes ever. I put my jeans in them, but I wouldn’t be completely selling out unless I tucked Victoria’s Secret sweats in them. Speaking of which; Jen bought a really cool blue pair today and the cashier (who was totally checking me out) said that they are great, that he has a pair. Jen pointed to me and told him that I said I was going to buy a pair, and he told me I should buy them because they are really comfortable. He then said he had them in black (I guess that’s more manly?), but come on; don’t say you bought black ones to sound better; if I were gay I would be full on gay and go for the pink ones, and I’d rock them. Hell, I’d rock them anyway.

I’m still full from lunch. Christina and I got Chinese food around 12:30ish and I’m still full from it. All I had today was that, and some ice cream around 5. Crazy. I want to eat though. I want to just shove something in my mouth (that’s what she said).

Jen and I also went to Toys R Us today! We went because Jenny had to buy toys for the birthday party we’re going to on Saturday. It should be really fun because I’m doing charactictures or how ever you spell it. Anyway, we went to TRU and the service there SUCKS! I miss KB! SAVE KB!!!

Well, this blog was boring but I’m looking at shoes online so peace.

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document.this. said...

no no noo dudes uggs,sweatpants=nooooooooooooooo
omg i saw a guuy in ugggs and me and my friend was likeee wtff broooo the ugg on guy trend needs oo goooo!