Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hit the floor.

Okay, so if I had to chose two of my favorite things they would probably be 1) Shopping 2) silly chick flick. Confessions of a Shopaholic provided me both. Let me just tell you that I still had a giddy grin on my face after I got home, that’s how cute it was. Because I’m an unemployed bum Jen took me to see the movie…and got me popcorn…and a drink. Thanks Jen, we’ll get Chinese this weekend when I’ll have money.

Speaking of which, I owe $200 car insurance, I have to make a credit card payment, I owe Brandon $20, and I need a new pair of sneakers for the gym.

I love the gym. When I go there I get this rush of energy and push myself to do all these exercises and I feel amazing after. I love working out, I just never like to start it. I’m a beast though. I am crazy on the treadmill and elliptical; I dance while on them, and try to run until I burn off x amount of calories, or x amount of minutes. Blah blah.

Funny story: I went to the gym today. Wednesdays I have a spinning class. I usually get really into the music and I sing a long to the songs. Well, tonight I got really into Ricky Martin’s Living la vida loca, and we were switching positions and my shoe somehow fell off mid-peddling, and the peddle scraped up against my leg (because I wear shorts). The instructor, Rene, made a joke about keeping my shoes on then asked if I was okay. I said I was because I thought I was. After the song ended I noticed that my hand was covered in something that looked like oil. I thought to myself “Self, this is weird…but maybe it’s an oil so the bike rides smoothly. Hm.” When Rene turned the lights off I realized that my hand was covered I n blood. I looked down and my shin was bloody too. I went to the hospital, got 15 stitches and I need to keep my swollen leg elevated for the next two weeks. Pppssshhht. puh-lease! I just needed a band-aid to stop the bleeding. The cut is actually pretty cool; it is wavy from what I saw, I haven’t taken the band-aid off yet.

In other news my haircut looks really cute curly. Today is the first time I wore it curly since I cut it. I’ll probably straighten it tomorrow, but today it looked good.

Everybody here get out of control
get your backs off the wall
cause misdemeanor said so
everybody step step
everybody keep on steppin
everybody step step
everybody lets go.

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