Friday, February 13, 2009

work it

My ears are itchy. It’s the strangest thing. They’re itchy. What does that mean? I know when they ring that means people are talking about you, but itchy? Does that mean someone is talking smack about you? Possibly. Who would talk smack about little ol me? I am such a good hearted person, and never make people mad. Whomever could it be? *angel wings*

Eh. What happened today? Our fence fell over (which you already know). I found out Dylan has strep throat but had no symptoms whatsoever, so now I have to fear I will get it because I have no clue if I have insurance right now. Worst part about being out of school; stupid insurance.
Fran texted me today telling me she got an interview at panera. I was really happy for her, and as soon as I texted her back I got a call from them too! It would be so cool if Fran and I worked together again. We’d rule panera. I want to be a cashier though; I don’t want to make the food. Eeew… if I were a cashier I would tell people to make up fake names…or I’d just put their name in wrong. ^_^ I’m an evil evil person.

I’m broke. Fucking broke. I have about $30 to last me until next Friday, then with that check I need to give my dad $200 fo car insurance, and then I need to put a bunch on my credit card that I’m trying to pay off, and I need to save money for school. Goddamnit my life is hard. And…AND! I need money for the gym for next month. AH! So much to do, so little money. Well, and some new clothes would be nice, because ya know, I don’t have enough already.

Speaking of which, I LOVE MY CLOSET! My mom FINALLY cleaned out all the Christmas decorations from my closet so I can use it the way St. Old Navy, the saint of clothing intended; I can finally walk in my walk in closet. FINALLY! It’s so awesome. So awesome that it makes me want to buy more clothes so I can see them hanging on hangers in there. I have a problem. It’s horrible, and if I get the job at panera I know I’ll shop because it’s right across the parking lot from Old Navy. I’d go there on my breaks, or after work, or every pay day. I’m addicted. I’m a shopaholic.

Speaking of which, again shopaholic comes out tomorrow…well technically tonight. I can’t wait! It looks so fucking good. I love Isla Fisher; she’s adorable. Maybe I just have a thing for redheads. *shrugs*

Hmm.. Valentine’s day is tomorrow. What will I be doing you ask? I will probably be at the gym then home…unless someone wants to hang out with me…any takers?

Yup. It’s almost 2, so I guess I’ll go now and go to bed…

I really want that Italian dessert thing made with tangerines, marshmallow and coconut…I can’t remember the name of it though. Sigh. I’m getting old.

let them know you worth it
dust it off and jerk it
jerk it, jerk it
dust it off and jerk it.

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