Sunday, April 26, 2009

zig zag, step, slide.

Body: Full name: Andrew Steven Meissner.
Place of birth: Bayshore, NY.
Date Of Birth: June 21 1989.
Single or taken: single.
Favorite color: I don’t have one.
Want or have kids: eventually want one.
Favorite place to be: ehh…I’m not sure.
Best friend: I have more than one.
How long have you known them: from 3-6 years.
Have you been in love: once.
Favorite Food: salad.
Favorite season: I guess summer.
Hair color: brown.
Eye color: brown hazel.
Siblings: three brothers.
Parents names: Michele and Craig.
Named after anyone: them? No. ^_-
Broken any bones: nope *knock wood*
Some of your closest friends: Fran and Jen.
What are you doing this weekend: working?
Where would you like to be right now: who knows.
Who would you like to be with: *shrug*
Have you had your heart broken: once.
Have you broken someones heart: *shrugs*
Have you told someone you loved them and not meant it: in a relationship? In like middle school.
Do you want to be in love with someone: yeah.
Would you take a bullet for someone: for someone I loved, yeah.
Do you hate anyone: no.
Does anyone hate you: everyone hates how much they love me.
Where would you like to go on vacation: *shrug*
Favorite childhood memory: puh-lease, any memory with me in it was a favorite.
How is your day going? Long.
Did you do anything super fun? Work is fun.
Are you currently texting anyone? No.
What are you listening to? Nothing.
Do you like math? I do.
Are you wearing any jewelry? Necklace, five bracelets, and a watch.
Do you like Hannah Montana? *giggle* boom boom clap.
How many bands do you have as friends on myspace? One?
Do you have a facebook? Werd.
Do you have a socialsplash? Nope.
What's the saddest song you've ever heard? That fucking Christmas shoe song. I hate it.
Does your room need to be cleaned? My room is usually always cleaned.
How old do you think you'll be when you die? I’m a vampire.
Do you want to live to be 120? And look like I’m 25.
Do you own any instruments? A guitar that I never, ever play.
Do you have braces? Nah son
If not, have you ever had them or are you going to? I had them for five years.
Have you ever met someone famous? Yeah.
What color is the floor in whatever room you are in? mauvy blue.
What room are you in? my room.
Do you like this room? It’s the master bedroom, duh.
Do you talk to nonliving objects? Werd.
How many purses do you own? I own a bunch of man purses.
Do you like the ear buds or the old style of earphones? Ear buds
Are your nails painted? Nope.
Do you lie about your age? No.
What are your summer plans? Work. Maybe road trip.
Do you want a puppy? Not at all.
If so, what kind? ____

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