Monday, April 6, 2009

Roses have thorns they say.

Ah! So I had all these things jumping around in my head that I wanted to blog about, but figures. Once I actually sit down and start writing a blog I forget. And figures. Once I get out of my weird sleeping pattern, I take a nap from 6-10 which will make me fall back to sleep probably at like 4 in the morning. Fuck me.

Lets start with the most important I guess:
Remember that time I had a job, and I made money, and I bought pretty things? Well that time is here again. Yes. Finally, after almost two months of sitting at home and doing nothing, Andrew snagged a job. I am not an employee at H&M *cheers*. Start Tuesday, April 14th. 12-5. The only sucky thing is that I’m part time and part timers only average fifteen hours a week. I’m use to working about forty. The good thing is I will be making $9.57 an hour. She told me that and I had to catch myself before my jaw dropped, because at KB I started at only $6.50. God, this is why I love the mall.

I went in today to do the paperwork and I met all the managers and the girl that will be training me, Dana. I have the honor of being her first trainee. She’s pretty cute too so I’m looking forward to being trained by her. I was told that I would start next Tuesday so on my way out I went up to Dana and was all *smiles* “see you next Tuesday” and then I giggled to myself because I remembered what “see you next Tuesday” was. The things Jen teaches you at KB.

I can’t wait to make money again. Since I will only be working fifteen hours a week, I think I can still collect unemployment which would be tres tres cool because that means I would be making about $300 a week, and roughly $1000 a month. I could just become a cop and make $100 every other week, but the mall seems cooler.

I’m going to turn into Jen, I know it. I’ll be in the mall so I will be around all these fashionable stores. I like fashion, so I will probably be shopping at these fashionable stores (especially now that I will be getting a 25% discount at H&M), so Andrew will be starting a crash diet so he can look even better.

Besides clothes, there are a bunch of other things I wanna buy. I want to get:

-new Ipod (maybe an ipod touch). $400
-New cell phone
-Drawing tablet for my laptop $200
-New, bigger pack of markers (the 150 count) $300-$400

To get these things, However, I have to start saving money. I also want to go places. I started thinking about things I want to do for my birthday. I came to the conclusion that I want to go to Lips. ( It’s a Drag dinner theater and it looks like so much Fun. Christina and I have been talking about going to a drag show forever. I remembered this place while watching Connie and Carla with her this morning, did some research, and decided I wanted to go here. It’s like $50 a person though, which I wouldn’t care about because Jen reminded me that they all love me enough to spend that, but then we need train tickets, and probably subway rides, so figure another $30 or so. Now we’re talking about $80-$100 a person and I would feel really, really bad if I made them pay that much. Maybe I can get a big group together and have an actual party there, not just go. It might be cheaper. Hmm.. Must look into that.

Last night I slept over Christina’s house. I finally, FINALLY finished a self portrait I was drawing and I text her a picture of it. Then we were talking and she told me to come over. Her entire family was away so naturally one thing led to the other and ya know…we watched Baby Mama and drank strawberry daiquiris and wine, played Wii and passed out. I also tried a really, really good cigarette last night. It was something Black and it was soooo good. Like makes me want to take up smoking good. This morning I actually planned to go home early, but I ended up staying til three. She made me breakfast (which I offered to help but she refused), took a shower in the basement (where I thought I would be manly and use head and shoulders shampoo but got giddy at the Japanese cherry blossom body scrub), watched Connie and Carla, and played more Wii.

I’m almost positive there was a million more things I wanted to say, but I guess I will have to put them in another blog. Peace out.

AAAH!!! OH MY GOD!! This is my 100th blog post. *cheers* I should win a cooler or something. Mmm…beach. I want it to be summer.

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