Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools.

Today is the one year anniversary of my Gwen Stefani April fools joke. Last year Brittany and Sam got everyone in on convincing me that Gwen Stefani was in a terrible car crash and died. At first I didn’t believe it but then my mom called me and Fran and Melany called me…then I started telling customers (not noticing Sam trying not to giggle as she told the customers down the aisle that it was a joke). I even called my aunt to tell her and she started crying. That’s when I found out it was fake. How come I am always so fucking gullible? I hate it. I really do. I guess that I’m such a nice person I don’t want to believe anyone is lying? Yeah, that’s it.

So, today, being once again April First I was waiting for something to happen to me but nothing came. I decided not to do anything to anyone this year (or any year for that matter) because I don’t really like seeing people upset or angry. Today was a regular day; I went to school, came home, drew, and then went to work. Brittany had work until 9:30 also, and like I usually do, I was going to wait for her to leave then drive up to Payless and say hi. Tonight was different though, her car wasn’t there and usually when she gets out before me she waits by my car. I sat in my car and looked around the parking lot (maybe she parked somewhere else) but no such luck. I texted her asking if she left already but I didn’t get a response so I assumed that she was on her way driving home and couldn’t text because she isn’t like me who texts while driving while listening/singing to music while fixing my hair

I get home, walk in my house and get a text from Palma.

“Are you serious? I’m at the bank”

I kicked myself in the ass thinking that even though I checked over there I somehow missed her bright blue CRV in the empty parking lot. I sighed and felt really retarded. A few minutes later she texts me again asking if I’m coming back, so like a good boyfriend I get back in my car and drive back to Gateway only to get another text mid-drive saying “Phych!” what?!?! When I pulled into the parking lot I called her…

“Are you home” I asked even though I already knew the answer was yes. And surprise, it was. When I told her that I drove back to see her she almost peed herself. I thought that I was being really nice by driving back, just to see her for a few minutes but no; once again, I was fooled. She then asked me if I honestly believed that she went to the bank at 9:40 at night, in the dark and yes, I did believe her because she is the same girl that went to a CLOSED Hess gas station at 10pm and lost her debit card. I swear to God I will get her back.

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