Monday, April 14, 2008

me rambling on.

londonlustpw21: OMG
omg andrewsaurus: what?
londonlustpw21: ANDREWSAURUS
omg andrewsaurus: oooh...
omg andrewsaurus: that's cool.
londonlustpw21: yea, i was reminding you of your s/n
londonlustpw21: just in case you forgot
omg andrewsaurus: you know, you have a very special gift of interrupting people at the worst times.
omg andrewsaurus: =)
londonlustpw21: online sex?
omg andrewsaurus: I was just going to leave.
londonlustpw21: that's always fun
londonlustpw21: oh, so fuck her and leave
londonlustpw21: nice job, bucko
omg andrewsaurus: lol.
omg andrewsaurus: nooooo silly.
omg andrewsaurus: I have a headache.
omg andrewsaurus: and i was going to watch some Reno 911. maybe. and go to sleep because i had a horrible day at work...*gag*
londonlustpw21: so you didnt' orgasm yet?
londonlustpw21: uh oh...
londonlustpw21: what happened senor?
omg andrewsaurus: nothing really.
omg andrewsaurus: my nose was all stuffy
omg andrewsaurus: so everytime I bent down it felt like a ton of bricks were smashing me in the head
omg andrewsaurus: my head hurt all day.
omg andrewsaurus: I made 9 sections today.
omg andrewsaurus: ROAR!
omg andrewsaurus: and EVERY customer that came in today was RETARDED!!!
londonlustpw21: haha
londonlustpw21: were they wearing helmets?
omg andrewsaurus: I seriously wanted to kill them.
omg andrewsaurus: no. but they should have.
omg andrewsaurus: NOONE can read. EVERYONE has a comment to make. NOT ONE PERSON can put anything away.
omg andrewsaurus: every customer that came in I was talking back to them (under my breathe)
londonlustpw21: sounds like you need a week off
londonlustpw21: =
londonlustpw21: =/*
omg andrewsaurus: like this one Fat balding woman came in and wanted glow in the dark yoyo balls but we didn't have glow in the dark ones so she didn't buy them...then she wanted something else but didn't buy it. so as a joke she said "i'll be back"...and dave said "okay" then she laughed and said "and you better have what I need" and I was this close *holds up thumb and pointer finger* to yell "You mean hair plugs and weightwatchers"?
omg andrewsaurus: I had to stop myself.
londonlustpw21: lmfao
londonlustpw21: sounds close
londonlustpw21: haha
omg andrewsaurus: then there was a boy and his mom who were looking for Sonic stuff but ALL WE CARRY IS THE FUCKING ACTION FIGURES!!!! but this ass hole needed to ask dave if we had puzzles. Dave, asks me (because I know more than him ;] ) I tell them no. then I'm ringing someone up and the pair of them come over and ask if we have Sonic dolls. again, I tell them that we only sell the action figures. theeen!!!! he looks at cards. he picks up a pack of wrestling cards that come with a dog says "Comes with one dog tag and one car" ON THE FUCKING COVER and the kid needs to ask me if there is a dog tag in there. then he asks if we have sonic cards. THEN he needed more wrestling cards but we didn't have any more.
omg andrewsaurus: so he buys the two packs and throws the goddamn sonic figure that he had in his hand on the ground.
omg andrewsaurus: THEN!!!! this one's my favorite.
omg andrewsaurus: :
londonlustpw21: =/
londonlustpw21: oh boyyy
londonlustpw21: meep
londonlustpw21: i hate people
omg andrewsaurus: this couple comes in (this stupid skinny bitch and her ass hole boyfriend) and the first thing out of her mouth is "is this like the only KB still open"? and her boyfriend looks around and goes "yeah, I think so". I turned around to greet them (I'm already pissed off because one of my sections weren't coming out right) and almost screamed at them...."yeah, were the ONLY one that's still open. there isn't a store in Bayshore, or Riverhead, or Selden, or Shirley, Roseveltfield, port jeff, mastic beach, the city...etc"
omg andrewsaurus: all day Fran, ALL FUCKING DAY!
omg andrewsaurus: wooh! i just wrote a blog.
omg andrewsaurus: I'm posting this. lol.

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