Tuesday, April 1, 2008


It’s blossoming, I’m blossoming
A new beginning- a new me
Change is good, but what if I don’t like it?
I’m content now, why move on?
“You have to” I tell myself
Put it away, behind you.
The flowers bloom
My old skin shed
My past poisons me like venom flowing through my veins
Go back
The grass is greener
The wind in my hair.
I miss the snow,
The ice,
No shorts-
I’ll miss my sweaters
I need to swim
No more drowning.
It’s time to change
“you can do this”
I take a breathe
The air is clean
It fills my lungs
It’s purifying.
I take a step back
Don’t eat that!
I need to run.
So much to think about.
Will I like this?
I’m being reincarnated
Into a new me.
A healthier, happier wiser, funnier me.
I’ll smile more, laugh harder.
New people
Old friends.
Adventure is ahead.
College is my communion.
Will I like it?
I’m sure I will.
I have to.
I promised I would.
I scratch myself,
My skin reddens.
It’s raw and needs to heal.
Change is good.
I know it is.
Shut up!
Stop dreaming.
I lift myself up
Just to crash again.
I want to be smoke
Vanish into everywhere-
You can do it
My mind races.
One step at a time.
I jump on
The waters cold.
My body shivers.
I’ll get use to it.
Same old friends-
New faces.
I’ll learn their names
They’ll know mine.
I’m hatching
My shell is cracked.
I’m forming into a new me
I’ll do it.
I know I can
Tell yourself that.
A kiss-
I’ll see you soon.
My ghost evaporates into the black.
I’m new
I’m clean.
I smile-
And take a step in.
My head above the water
I feel the air.
My eyes open.
I’m white
I’m clear
I’m a blank canvas.
Paint me
Shape me
Sculpt me.
My reinvention is complete

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