Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beautiful stranger.

Sigh. I’m sitting in my room waiting for Zack to find his other sandal…he and my mom are tearing the room apart because my mom wanted to go to the park. Now my mom is yelling because the room is a mess. Don’t you just love my family? What else is new with me? I didn’t go to school today because I woke up and my mom was like “come to the park with us Andrew”. I told her I had class and she was like “no. come to the park”…how can I disagree with that? Last night Fran came over. We chilled for a little then decided that we were in the mood for slurpees. We walk into 7 11 and saw Brittany and Dave…it was…weird. I didn’t expect to see them at 7 11 at almost midnight. We chatted for a little, then they had to leave for their “half and hour goodbye”. I casually threw in that Brittany and I sometimes take three hours then left. We got back to my house and I cut Frans hair…I mean I cuuut it. You know the movie Rosemary’s Baby? Well, picture her hair only a little longer. I think it looked cute. It’s very British, very 60’s, very mod. We then decided that we wanted to lighten it so Andrew took out his Bleach and worked it. *snap snap* Fran now has short, light blonde hair. She wouldn’t look at it until she got home (which I guess is a good thing because I would have felt horrible if she hated it and started crying) I waited for her text and then went to bed. I think she’s doing it red today…it’ll look even cuter.
I still can’t find my camera. I tried looking for it again last night, but no luck. I don’t get it. Someone must have come into my room and stole it from me. That’s the only explanation. I want Mcdonalds. No, that’s a lie; I want a salad.
I’ve been having typing dyslexia. I can’t hit the right keys these past few days. Craaazaaay. Before, I kept spelling decided as secide… I’m all fucked up from these drugs =).

Part two:
Okay, well I just got home from the park, and the library (I needed to get a book for my English class). My mom treated us to Ralphs, and it was super yummy. I got nutella and coconut., my favorite. Hmm…what else is new? That’s about it. Peace.

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