Tuesday, March 31, 2009

See you next tuesday.

My parents came home today!!! I asked my mom how the house hunting was and she told me that they didn’t go. They basically just hung out at my grandmas house and talked with everyone. Nice, huh? I wanted to go with them fo real real bad, but couldn’t because they were “looking for houses and stuff” and they ended up no doing that. My family is lovely. I did, however get a t-shirt (from wal-mart) that says “Florida” on it. Just what I wanted. My parents went to Florida and all I got was a lousy t-shirt *grimace*


-my parents fight

-my mom will bug me to fix her weave

-my parents fight. All the time.

-I won’t have control of the kitchen.

In other news, I had an interview at H&M today!!! I think it went very, very well. When I went on the interview at panera I was hella nervous (nervous nervous) *nervous fingers* and totally screwed that up, but I was really comfortable today and felt I did an awesome job (well, hello. Look who we’re talking about here). There were two women who interviewed me: an older woman whom I’m assuming is the head manager, and a younger manager whom I’m taking to be the head assistant manager.

The H&M back room is fucking huge. There is a huge room that all the merchandise stays in and like six smaller rooms with desks and stuff. All the doors have a code thingy on them so you don’t need a key to get in.

They asked me a whole bunch of questions and I had them laughing and they basically told me I had gotten the job, they just needed to do a background check and they’d call me once that came back (which she said should be anywhere from 3days to a week). I’m pretty excited about it. I looked awesome, by the way. I was going to wear all black but changed into regular jeans and a black v-neck t shirt with a green scarf. It would have looked perfect with either a black, or purple light knit cardigan over it but I didn’t have a black or purple one so I changed into a white ring tee, with a tan and brown stripped cardigan and ran to the gap outlet to find the black or purple one, but ended up buying two shirts instead. A really nice turquoise v neck, and a heather and charcoal grey ringer tee. I ended up wearing what I had on and looked adorable ^_^

In other, other news, I’ve become addicted to word whomp. It’s a game from pogo I use to play a million years ago. I stumbled upon it yesterday and I’m hooked again. What the game is is there are six little moles in holes that are holding up letters. You have to make as many 3-6 letter words as you can from those letters. The more you make, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more tokens you win. The more tokens you win, the more clothes you can buy for your avatar. So naturally I want the best clothes, so I’m playing non stop.

While playing word whomp, I got these letters, in this orderPhotobucketI almost peed myself. Unfortunately “cunt” is not in their dictionary (obviously these moles haven’t seen Atonment) but a girl can dream, can’t she?