Monday, December 24, 2007

Tis the season

Well, it's officially Christmas Eve. It doesn't even feel like it. It doesn't feel like Christmas is less than 24 hours away. This winter has been super hectic; between school, and work, and work, and more work. I've worked so much that the last time I had an Andrew day I didn't know what to do with myself. I wanted to go to work! That’s how bored I was...its sick right?

Fran came over tonight, no dance party though; we watched Japanese work out videos. They are the funniest thing! Tomorrow at work I am going to periodically use some of their moves while trying to understand should check it out. You tube "Japanese exercise video" Fran and I almost peed ourselves.

Brittany couldn't make it to my house tonight. Major sad face. I spent 65% of the night texting her though, and Fran spent the same amount texting her "friend" Dave...they are secretly dating, I can feel it in my lumpy tactical...what? lmao. that's from Drawn Together. pretty good show. Anywhoo, Olive tried to escape her cage tonight. It got so bad that I had to pip cleaner her cage doors shut. Last month she found out how to open the door and she use to escape in the middle of the night. once My cat Hermione found her in the Bathroom and Zack had to put her back in the cage for me because I was too busy being passed out from all the booze I drank the night previous...yeah, okay What is this, Thanksgiving? tehe...

I have work in less than five hours. It is currently 2:18 in the morning, and I have work at 7. nice huh? Brittany has work at 6:30, so I'm going to wake up early and call her to make sure she's up because she over slept last night and was an hour late for work. sometimes she does pretty stupid things, but we all make mistakes right? (tehehe...)

Since it is Christmas eve I guess I should tell y'all my plans for this holiday. Well...this morning I will be working at KB until 1, then I will be going home to a huge wonderful family dinner consisting of my Mom, Dad, brothers, Aunt Dawn, and Mike, Dawn's boyfriend...that's it. not much right? I'm jealous of Brittany; she gets to go out for Chinese food with her mafia family and hold the Asians hostage for mistletoe. Mmm...mistletoe, I didn't get any this year, that's funny, I usually buy it every year and hang it somewhere but I never use it and then this year, when I can use it I don't buy any...I am such a disappointment to society. shoot me now.
I smell nice because I just got out of the shower. I scrubbed all my troubles and dirt away unlike some people I know, with a loofa and some body soap, two things someone I know doesn't own. this "someone" will be left nameless for obvious reasons. Anyway, don't you love just getting out of the shower and smelling like a new born baby who was dropped into a bucket of rose pestles? I know I do. The next best thing is getting into a nice, soft, warm bed, with someone of course, and sleeping...and new sheets, which I want for Christmas (*hint twin bed hint*). Since Brittany was a no show tonight I had to cuddle with my hamster, Olive, but it's not very fun cuddling with a six inch hairy animal, she tried to get away multiple times. but it was the only thing close enough to the actual size of my Palma. (muahahaha)
the thing is I can't even make fun of her with out taking it back Immediately. it's disgusting how much I've been smiling these past four weeks. I love it, but it's so unnatural. I'm smiling as I type this....*hits head* stop! I can't even write a quarter of the stuff I want to say here, because *someone* will read this and never let me live it down...but maybe it'd be worth sai pas. I want to learn French again. Fran and I were watching Banned commercials and there was some from France and they got me wanting to retake French...maybe next semester, if I can.

It's getting late, and this was kind of pointless... good night all. Happy Christmas.

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