Monday, December 24, 2007

Tis the season. pt 2.

Question: Isn’t the Holidays time for family?

It’s Christmas eve, 9:26pm, and what am I doing? Sitting in my room writing a stupid blog. I’m soooo fucking bored beyond belief. I’m extremely jealous of the Palma family who is having an awesome party tonight while I’m stuck here, with a whole eight people (including brothers) and doing absolutely nothing. And to top it off, my dad is being a rude mother fucker.

For the past few weeks my dad and I have been getting along really well but today it’s like those days didn’t occur. I got home from work and shopping with Brittany about 4:15ish and as soon as I stepped in the door I knew tonight wasn’t going to end well, at all. I’m standing there still in my coat and scarf and my dad is all like “are you eating with us” and I gave him a look that clearly said “no fuck head, I’m just going to watch” but I nodded my head and told him yes, what else was I going to do. He pointed to my chair and said “Then sit down and eat” I was like what the fuck? I wasn’t even home for three minutes, I’m still in my coat and work clothes, and I have my keys dangling in my hand, do you want me to sit down like that and eat?

Dinner was shrimp which I did not eat, and chicken fingers. I was quite as Dylan and Zack made fun of each other. It was a typical Meissner family dinner. Not christmasy at all. I wanted nothing more than to be back in front of KB sitting the car with Brittany. As dinner went on I was texting; what else was I to do? Talk to my loving family? I swear to God I didn’t say anything to anybody but for some reason it was national Pick on Andrew day. So I stormed off and went to my room and logged onto Myspace.

Brittany and I were being gay for about an hour then I fell asleep to make up for the lack of sleep I had last night. I was awoken by my mom to try a cookie she made last night, because that’s exactly what I want to do right, eat a fucking cookie while I’m half asleep. So I bit the cookie which was delicious, but it would have been better if I wasn’t semi unconscious. I fell back to sleep for about forty minutes until my aunt dawn and her boyfriend came over.

Dawn and Mike gave me $50, a new sketchbook (which I needed badly) and a Harry Potter 2008 calendar. I got all giddy and ran to my room to get my pencil so I can draw, but unfortunately everything I wanted to draw I was unable to get down on paper. I think the best drawings are drawn when you don’t plan on doing it.

My mom made a whole bunch of fried foods for us to eat as we sat around to exchange loving words and familyness? Yeah okay. I sat on a armchair and drew (the wrong way by the way; I got yelled at for blocking the walk way because I can’t go anything right. Right)

I moved into the kitchen and drank wine as I doodled. Now I’m here, writing a blog on Christmas eve, when I could be around people laughing and having a good time, and being super gay. I guess I’ll just doodle and watch a movie for the rest of the night.

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