Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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*sigh of relief* today was the last day of classes, thank God. I've been looking forward to this winter beak for a while, but yaaaay! I get to work 40 hours this week. What a joy huh? My room is a mess. I need to reclean it. Actually, it isn't that bad. I have clothes on the floor, but they're dirty so I cab just throw them in the wash. I wanted Brittany and Jen to come over tonight, but I guess that isn't happening. Brittany's mom wants her to stay home, and it would be kind of weird to just hang out with Jen, even though she is my favorite white wave (tehe).
I need to wrap Christmas presents. All my families’ presents are lingering in bags on my floor, collecting dust. I need to finish my Christmas shopping. I have everyone in my family except my nanny. I don't know what to get her. Other than her I need to buy for friends, but we're not exchanging presents until after Christmas so I can use my next paycheck for them.
I really need to save money. I have a whole 9.99 in my account right now, and I need to make that last until next Friday....damn. What else is new in my life? Brittany and I got Chinese food for dinner tonight. How May is delicious. Thanks Fran, you're good for something. Speaking of Fran, I drew an awesome picture of her for my drawing class. Look:
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I think it came out pretty fucking well, if I say so myself. It took me forever, but I don't think she likes it. She told me that if she actually looked like that punch her. Stupid bitch. =)
Anyway, How May. It's pretty fucking good. And cheap. And yummy. But their taste in music sucks. The whole time Brittany and I were there, there was awful old love music on. Every few songs Brittany and I would look up at the speaker and make a "what the fuck" face. Half way through the meal I just looked at Britt and smiled until she yelled at me. She calls me ugly and gay and stupid all the time, but for some reason it makes me smile. I decided that every time she would insult me I would compliment her, so for about twenty minutes or so our conversation went something like this:
Brittany: I hate you
Andrew: that’s cool. I love you.
Brittany: SHUT UP! God, you're so stupid!
Andrew: you're cute...
'Twas fun. I think our relationship has more fighting in it than actual compliments.

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