Monday, December 31, 2007

I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the Deputy.

I’m tired so this isn’t going to be that long. It’s also going to be really choppy and not delicious like my blogs usually are.
Where do I start?


I’m listening to some Bob Marley.

There is something about Fran’s house that amazes me. I don’t know what it is, but when you’re there you feel like you can do anything you want and get away with it. The other night Brittany and I slaughtered seven black Asian nuns babies and hid then in the basement; when the cops did a house search they didn’t even bother looking the there even though there was a horrid dead smell coming from beneath the stairs.

We wanted Outback tonight, but all we got was olive garden. We went to outback but there was a 50 minute wait, soooooo…we went to El Dorado’s, but we all forgot that it had closed, so we settled for the Olive Garden which also had a 50 minute wait. Wal-Mart was right there; we walked around. Fran gave us a tour of where she shopped the previous day, and I was an Asian tourist and took snapshots of different angles. Brittany thought it was hysterical; oh Girl, you crazy *wink*

Fran sprayed me with a hose because Brittany and I spent over seven hours in her bed being bad. Britt has beard burn on her chin; I feel bad.

I bought three pairs of shoes ($70 each) for $30 total.

Tomorrow should be major awesomeness! We’re all going to Jon’s house for new years…I hope there is a private room if you know what I mean. the bathroom is always good I guess.

I have bruises on my sides from Brittany pinching me…I had whip marks on my arm from Brittany in Expressions.

Speaking of Expressions, Fran and I bought us some Sex dice which we used in the Olive Garden tonight (I think the people in the table next to us wanted to join…fucking creepy ass holes).

Iiight nig nigs, I really should go shower and get to bed because I need my sleep for tomorrow night.

Oh! Britt and Fran taught me some chords for my guitar.

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