Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hella hella hella nervous (nervous)

It is currently 3:45 am and I'm still up. Why you might ask. It's because Fran and I had a super duper dance party in my room at 2 in the morning! There is nothing more satisfying than dancing for two hours, sweating, and then feeling 15 lbs lighter. Music makes me want to work out. Tomorrow I think I might run around my block a few times while listening to some pretty sweet dance music to get me a pumping.
I had work today. From 9-5:30. It went well though. I think now that Karen and Dave know about Brittany and I, works been a little easier. it's like a small weight has been lifted off my shoulders...hopefully it's more than a little (hint: I'm going to win!) speaking of shoulders, Fran started rubbing my shoulders as I was watching some video (probably porn) on you tube, or red tube; I don't remember. Anywhoo, she was rubbing them and she didn't say I have knots. I've been kind of stress free these past few weeks. Why? I don't know. maybe it's because I'm not taking school that seriously, maybe it's because I've been sleeping well (yeah, okay), or maybe it's because my love life has finally started to make me happy. Brittany is such a fag; I can't help but to smile when I see her.
I'm tired. Maybe it's because it's almost four in the morning. I want to go to bed, but I want more to cuddle with someone and fall, shut up. I'm such a fucking mush it makes me want to vomit like a white cat watching two other cats fight. Ha! Fran spent about a good forty minutes looking up porn on my computer. I Now have seen a girl shit in a cup and eat it and a girl fuck a stick shift...nice huh? That is classic television right there. I don't know how people get turned on by that's creepy. Fran is like the porn watching queen. She told me about some guy that fit his whole head into a girl’s vagina...Oooo Girl, check out my feet.
The dance party was awesome. If Brittany didn't have to leave so early, it would have been more fun *giggle*. We danced to some Britney spears which is always fun, some Ying Yang twins, and some Gravy Train. Hella Nervous is now one of my favorite make me nervous nervous nergvous! hella hella hella nervous nervous...yaay! good song. the video Fran shows me was able to give small children seizers, but it was fun to watch.
Brittany and I spent ten minutes in her car "waiting for the heat to kick in". we made small talk and caught up on lost times; I asked how her kids were doing, she said well. I told her about my trip around Europe, and who I lost my ear to that wild bear attack I was in. It was fun. We ended our rendez vous like a normal couple; we threw slaughtered pig feet and each other and chanted backwards to our demon God. That's all code name for being so fucking Gay I didn't even want to talk about it. *kicks foot* hehe...Life is wonderful sometimes.
I love making my mom nervous (nervous nervous). she asks me all the time "Andrew, you're being a good boya, right"? and I always smile and walk away. We isn’t doing anything wrong, but its fun to fuck with her head. Dave from work apparently wants to start a poll for how long it'll take us to have sex. He's such an ass sometimes. Funny, but an ass. Maybe it's a Dave thing; maybe ALL daves are creepy and weird... I'm not sure. I haven't met Frans Dave yet, but I bet I’ll find some reason for him to fit that description of my Dave theory.
The cops came to my house today. it was the funniest thing. Fran came over around 8:30ish: My mom drove one of my brothers friends home and I kind of forgot that Harley was outside, but I heard her barking...about ten minutes after my mom leaves there is a knock at the door. Brandon comes in and is like "there's someone here" so I got all giddy and gay and ran to the door to greet Brittany, but instead was a cop lmao.
"there's been a barking dog complaint" he said
I almost peed myself. I didn't know what to do. Harley wasn't barking when he came, thank God so the cop said
"obviously it isn't this house, there isn't a dog barking here" so I smiled and nodded and pretended that my dog was in my house all safe and warm and loved. I haven’t put her out since, not even to pee. she can use the toilet.
Fran was you tubing Poodle puppies for Brittany and she found this work out video of an Asian woman dressed as a poodle, and working out with a room full of aerobic poodles. If I wasn't all warm snuggled up in Brittany’s chest, I would have worked out with her. fun stuff. you tube it.
Well, it's past four and I should get to bed. ciao!

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