Monday, December 10, 2007

Grape soda.

well well well... Fran has inspired me to make one of these blog thingies.
Today I went to guitar center (heaven) and picked out a pretty sweet guitar. It’s all black and shiny and awesome. I can't wait to start playing with it (that's what she said). Brittany and Jen both approved and I felt pretty good about myself for picking out a good one. I've never played guitar before but I always wanted to. I once had a black electric guitar but I didn't want it so I threw it out...big mistake, I know. Brittany reminds me all the time. I want Outback. I want a blooming onion. I've wanted one for a while. Tonight Melany called me and told me to get ice cream with her. I told her I had a headache and no gas but she some how convinced me to go anyway. Damn her and her Libraness. We went to Friendly's and got appetizers. I love their loaded waffle fries. After eating the greasy food I felt really blah. I wanted to throw it back up. I need to start watching what I eat. I'm getting mucho fat. I have to start running again. For prom I trained myself to only eat 1500 calories a day, and I ran about 500 of them off per day. Everyday after school I would go to the park and run the track. It felt really good to do it. I would spend like three hours there a day. Sometimes I would run into people, like Fran or Brittany. We’d walk together but I'd stay after they left. Dave from work brought in pictures from Mikes wedding and in it was two pictures of me from after the wedding at work. My face was a lot thinner than it is now. I filled out after I stopped running. If only there was another prom for me to look good for.

Bffl secrets:

Bffl and I talk. We talk about things no one else can know. I'm pretty much open with everyone. I usually tell you if I don't like something, but there are just some things that can't be told to everyone. Bffl and I tell each other those secrets. We have a "BFFL BOOK" which we haven't used yet. It is collecting dust in my room along with the box of Bffl pens we got to go in the book. Tonight Bffl told me a big secret and I don't know how to react. Part of me wanted to jump off my chair and strangle her for being completely stupid with her decisions but another part of me just wanted to say "It's your life". Friends mean a lot to me and I wouldn't just sit back there and let them ruin their life. If there is a big problem I would step in and slap the fucking shit out of them until they see they're wrong. It wasn't anything that major, but it was still big. I hope she won't do anything like that again (you know which part I'm talking about) and please don't do the other thing either. Thanks.

PALMAgranate Ice Cream:

I went to Hofstra the other day because I had to go to the city to visit the MOMA for my drawing I class. It was fun. I got to see Fran whom I haven't seen in like two weeks. Her roommates said some funny things. Allie mentioned her professor’s daughter’s deformity on her finger and Fran made a funny about Funions. :) Over all it wasn't that shabby of a time. Bffl and I got Baskin robins one night. I got a Pomegranate smoothie; it was delicious. Since then I was on the hunt for Pomegranate ice cream. Little did I know Haagan Daz makes it. I bought a pint and it was amazing. Most definitely worth the $4 Fran paid for it. As I was eating the purple deliciousness I was texting Brittany. That girl makes me smile the gayest fag smile ever. I don't know what it is, even when she insults me it’s like a fucking compliment. It must be because I have an oversized inflated ego that makes me smile even when I'm being called king of all gays. The thing is I know she likes it when I'm being "gay". Fran was making fun of her last night. Britt and I were over Frans house being "gay" and Brittany was all like "Stooop" " nooooo" "ew gay". Fran was mocking her in that mocking high pitched voice;

Brittany: "Stop. EW! GAY!"
Fran: "Nooooo, Don't, Stop, Gay, Touch me, I love you"

It was funny because when we insult each other we usually do it with a smile. I love flirty fights. The kind that you laugh when you're being punched in the face with brass know which ones I'm talking about. I'm surprised "no one" at work hasn't suspected anything yet. They probably have but haven't said anything, so they'll talk about us behind our backs like good friends do...what time is it? OOooh, it's almost one. I guess I should get going. Peace out Girl Scout.

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