Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I fell so hard.

I’ve made it a mission to write a blog every day. Will I? probable not. My life isn’t that amusing that I have so many things to write about, but who knows, maybe I do? *ponder*

I never actually listened to the music I have on my player on here; I kind of just found the songs I wanted and added them. Since the songs come from other sources and not my Itunes they are most likely not the same versions I have. For example Ms. Taylor Swifts song “Picture to burn” has the line “so go ahead and tell your friend I’m obsessive and crazy, I don’t mind I’ll tell mine that you’re gay”…umm…those are not the words. I must have added someone’s version that has been tampered with, because I don’t even thing Taylor Swift has ever said the word “gay”

I was a twelve year old girl tonight and rented High School Musical 3. Sigh, I know, but I’ve seen the first two which obviously means that I needed to see the last installment of the Zac Efron trilogy. Sucka. I will admit that I laughed and smiled throughout the movies, but come on! That is soooo not real life. I would have LOVED to have all these colleges begging at my feet for me to chose their school. Fuck, I would have loved one college to be begging at my feet. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a HSM fan, and I can admit it, unlike Jen who sooooo is a closeted fan (tehe).

Speaking of Jen, we need to get a cracka lacking on “The Show”. I think it’s safe to say that Ms. Palma isn’t going to be able to work on it with us any time soon, Jen and I need to crack the whip. I have so many ideas pouring out of my head and we need to work on it again. What we have is so funny so far. I love when our minds connect and ooze out these genius ideas. I want the show to be dirty and rude and amazing. I want it to be a “Drawn Together” meets “Family Guy” with some “Office” thrown in there. It’s been far too long since we worked on that show. The time is now.

Since I want to work on the show I texted Jen this afternoon asking her if she was busy tonight, but she wasn’t feeling well. I want to bring my laptop to star bucks and just sit there and type away and have passing customers look at me and wonder what I’m doing…am I writing a novel? Working on school work? Having a virtual date with someone (yeah, right). I always kind of secretly am jealous of those people who just chill in a chair at a café and do whatever for hours. I always want to do that, but I always feel…awkward I guess.

I think it’s time for Andrew to start dating again. My horoscope today said to flirt my ass off, but I barely went out today, so I didn’t do it. I mean, come on, who was I supposed to flirt with? The librarian? The old lady at star bucks? The ugly guy at blockbuster? OkCupid is boring me now. I’m thinking about just deleting my account and getting a girlfriend the old fashion way: get shitfaced and hook up with someone. Oooo there’s only one problem with that though: I am friends with all of my friends friends, and noone every throws parties that I go to. I am waiting for Katie to have a party soon so I can drink and make a silly fool out of myself and ya know, meet people. Sometimes I really wish I went away to school. Maybe that will change soon. I’m hoping I will get into FIT. Its torture waiting from them. I just want to know if I got in and if I can dorm there. I still don’t know if I want a roommate or not. I do, but I don’t. I am kind of hard to get along with: I’m mushy and lazy and cranky and hate people, but if I dorm alone that won’t be much fun.

The thing I’ll like the most about the school (if I get in) is just being in the city all the time. It’s far enough that I feel like I’m on my own, but it’s only a train ride back home. HA! I’ll be a twenty-something in the city looking for labels and love. What’s that from? Come on! ^_^

Iiight readers, I’m bouncing.

I'm hot, you're cold
You go around like you know
Who I am, but you don't
You've got me on my toes

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