Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shake ya body body

Tonight was Britney Spears’ 12th show of her Circus tour and my mom and I went. Let me tell you that it was fucking AMAZING! So awesome! Britney is back fo real real. Even though she did walk around the stage more than she danced there was no stumbling, no noticeable lip syncing, and no “my pussy was hanging out” ing…

Mother and I left the house at 5 because she wanted to stop at the mall. I got two hoodies in PacSun for $15. Fucking sweet. So in the car I changed into one of them and danced around in my seat to ms. Spears.

We got to the coliseum around 7ish and headed in. I bought a poster and a cup. My mom got popcorn (surprise) and soda. We go to find our seats. We sat in the second to last row. All the way up in the “nosebleed” section, but our seats were awesome. They had a really good view of the stage (which was in the round so you saw the concert from any seat), and we had action in our section.

I could give you a run down on the show, which was awesome, but suck it, I’m not. Check out one of the britney spears fan sites for that shit. I’m going to talk about what went on next to me.
It wasn’t bad enough that there were teenage girls strutting around in ugly outfits and sneaking beer and dancing like animals, oh no. my mom had to sit next to a group of those girls.
During the third song (Radar) my mom leans over to me and says “the girl next to me keeps hitting me”. little did we know that girl and her tramp friends will cause a riot during “Toxic” an hour later….

So we’re sitting there, dancing to the song, watching the show when the woman behind us starts yelling at the group of girls next to us. Apparently tramp A was basically sitting in the husbands lap, and tramp B was stumbling all over the place while she’s defending herself and friend.

Woman and Tramp B go at it, when I fucking swear to God, the woman went to grab Tramp B and they start fighting. A security guard comes and breaks it up. I don’t know which was is more entertaining: Toxic, or Tramp fight. I went with Tramp fight. The security guard pulls the tramp away and tells her to leave. Her friends start fighting with the security guard and they are all thrown out. But. BUT! Before they leave Tramp B has to make her exit worthwhile. As she’s slurring her words and being a bitch, home girl falls forward into the woman in front of her, causing the woman to get hurt and probably spill her drink. I’m ecstatic at this point. I’m dancing and watching the show…and watching Britney’s show too.

A little while later the security guard comes back and asks us if we saw the girl that fell into the row in front of us was pushed by the woman.

I need to get bad seats more often.

And I had to pee so fucking bad, but the lines were fucking crazy. I ended up holding it in for three hours until we got home. I swear to god it never felt so good to take a leak.

Ps: I don’t know who’s more entertaining/annoying to watch dancing: drunk teen girls, or gay guys. Fo real they were all shaking all over the place and interrupting my groove thing.

Oh, I found this on Britneyspears.com. This girl is a “super fan”…but I think that she is a fucking stalker. Fo real real.

Oh also, the Pussycat dolls cancelled tonight because Nicole was sick. Sigh. Oh well.

And umm…there was something else I was going to say. Shit.

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document.this. said...

yea she not a fan
just fkn obsessed stalker becthh