Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catch My Disease

One night Brittany and I sat in my room and wrote a list of celebrities we would have sex with. I was telling Christina about this the other night when we were going to the movies and I decided to rewrite/update my list of potential yummy time partners. I will probably update this in the future because I can't think of any more, but as of right now here they no particular order:


Taylor Swift
Emma Watson
Lucy Lui
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale
Drew Barrymore
Ashlee Simpson
Nicole Richie
Britney Spears
Isla Fisher
Kirsten Dunts
Gabrella Union
Jennifer Hudson
Ahsley Greene
America Ferrera
Becki Newton
Jenna Fischer
Alyssa Milano
Rose McGowan
Emily Blunt
Brittany Snow
Eliza Dushku
Erika Christensen
Sarah Roemer
Danielle Panabaker
Jessica Lucas
Amanda Bynes
Rachel Lee Cook
Anna Farris
Tina Fay
Stacey Dash
Haley Bennett
AnnaLynne McCord
Rachel McAdams
Lacey Chabert
Amanda Seyfried
Sarah Barrable-Tishaur
Anne Hathaway
Camille Mana
Jessica Stroup
Shenae Grimes
Mary-Kate Olsen
Ashely Olsen
Lindsay Lohan
Ginnifer Goodwin
Scarlett Johansson
Leighton Meester
Taylor Momsen
Kristen Bell
Nicole Fiscella


Robert Pattinson
Eric Mabius
Adrian Grenier
John Krasinski
Jake Gyllinhal
Zac Efron
Drake Bell
Daniel Radcliffe
Adam Gregory
Rupert Grint
Christopher Gorham
Jared Padalecki
Chace Crawford
Michael Urie
Jesse Bradford
Jamie Johnston
Zach Cregger
Eric Christian Olsen
James Marsden
Kellan Lutz
Bradley Cooper
Taylor Lautner
Ed Westwick

My head is a box filled with nothing
And that's the way I like it
My garden's a secret compartment
And that's the way I like
Your body's a dream that turns violent
And that's the way I like it
The winter is long in the city
And that's the way I like it


Kalliope said...

are those guys that you yourself would have sex with? or was that coco's list?

Andrew. said...

they are guys I would hook up with.