Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bright lights, big city.

Fran and I went to the city today. She had to go to an orientation for Hunter, and I didn’t want her to get lost, because I am just such a good friend. We got there around 3:45ish and I went to my favorite city gyro place: Gyro II, across the street from Penn. Fran and I ate gyros and chilled for a bit then took the subway to Hunter. Hunter is a really nice school (at least the west building is nice). There are many floors and it’s all open and clean and white. I sat in part one of her orientation and then sat alone, for an hour and a half, while she was in part two. I played over eighteen games of solitaire on my Ipod, and watched some of the Sex and the City movie.

After she was done with her orientation, Fran and I walked up and down the streets and miss I-don’t-have-enough-panties used her senses and found Victoria’s secret…let me just tell you that I need a girl. I wanted to buy basically everything in there and just pay someone to wear them for me. Seriously, the city store has a million times better stuff than the ones on the island. I was all “Daaayummm” and “Daaayummmm” and some “Oooo Daaayyyuummm” ^_^ I’m a silly sally.

Remember that time I had a girlfriend, then we were just friends, and now I don’t think we’re even that because Fran, Jen and I were basically disowned (okay, I’m the only one with the balls to blog about it; sue me). Well, while in the city I kept thinking how awkward it would have been if Fran and I bumped into Brittany. Even though I know that she works in Brooklyn, and the chances were super low, it was still on the back of my mind. Neither of us would have known what to say to her except ask her how graduation was (which she could have told us when we all texted or messaged or commented her but got no response back), or how she likes the job (again, if she only contacted us back). I miss that girl. We all do. The old one though…well, since none of us even know this new one. Anyway, I don’t want to start anything, but if you read this, Palma, we all miss you.

Anyway, then we then got some frozen yogurt and headed back to Penn. Now I’m home, chillin on my bed. Someone was in here today, I can sense it. Someone spilt water on one of my drawings (one I really liked too) and moved my things around and used ,my laptop, which obviously means someone has a death wish.

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