Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senorita, I just wanna fall in love

GERBA! OK cupid is pissing me off fo real real. I need to move, because every girl that lives near me is definitely not my type. You know where my type lives? Connecticut. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of pretty girls here, by me, but almost every single girl on OK Cupid that is from Connecticut is fucking gorgeous. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck! And yes, Fran, I am a shallow mother fucker, but it’s not just their looks, it’s their entire page. Every girl that I’ve thought was pretty and from Connecticut are all art majors, or hairdressers, or just awesome in some sort of way. Grrr…it’s really making me mad. Fucking step ford wives. No wonder they chose to have that movie take place there, because it’s true. I want a Stepford Wife. Shit, goddamn.

If you do your homework, baby I will give you more
If you do your homework, get up on the dance floor.

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