Thursday, January 1, 2009

Everyone's at it.

Who do you run to when your last resort isn’t available?

I’m sitting in Panera, alone. Why? Because I can…well, because noone was able to come avec moi. Sam and I were supposed to come here together and chill, but she ate dinner at home, so I called everyone that I thought would be available, and none of them were *sad face* so I’m hure, all alone eating soup and drinking jones soda on Joanie and chillin on okcupid and shit.

So it’s January 1st. What will I be doing this year? To answer your burning question I will be doing who the fuck knows. With KB closing and no job in the line up, I’m on the road to become a bum. If I don’t gets a job, I aint gots no car. School. I need to call LIBS so I can set up an interview so they can see my beauty and accept me with a full scholarship and then I’ll become an extremely famous hairstylist and every woman in the world will wait in line for 46 years to have me touch their hair.

Fucking Panera wifi and it’s blockage of good sites. Fucking filters. Fucking fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck,. I like that word, fuck. It’s such an awesome word, ya know?

I officially hate being single…well, no I don’t, but I prefer to be in a relationship. Maybe I’m one of those people who can’t be alone and need someone around them all the time, and within two weeks of breaking up with someone they have another boo to fill that gap that they can’t fix on their own. I know people like that, and I hope that I don’t become one of them. What I really need is a hook up. I just need to hook up with someone and get it over with already. Jesus christ.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep blurting out really random things on here, huh? Maybe because I’m sitting alone with this laptop, with headphones on, listening to music, and noone knows what I’m doing. Did that make sense. Shut up, you don’t know my life, bitch. Laugh!

Muahaha. Peace out niglets.

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