Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I think I’ll miss this one this year.

Hmm…it’s new years eve. In less than two hours it will be 2009. 2008 seemed to flash by in a blur, right? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was getting ready to go to Jons house and party it up with my best friend, Fran, my girlfriend, Brittany, and my favorite bunny lovin’ buddy, Jenny. Last new years eve was awesome. It was my first time just doing whatever and partying. I didn’t stay home with my family, nor did I go to someone’s house and just chill.

January: the only thing that sticks out in my mind from January 2008 was Hairspray. Brittany got us tickets for Christmas and it was my favorite gift ever. I loved that show. So much.

February: the second month was the Spice Girls concert. Fran and I went to see our favorite British girl band in the world. Nothing will compete with that…maybe not even Britney Spears’s concert this march.

March: march was march. That was it.

April: Jenny’s birthday. Sleepovers, and lovin.

May: may. May may may. What happened in may? I don’t remember *shifty eyes* um…the end of classes and the start of summer break.

June: birthday week. Car stereo, going to a bar for the first time, the start of the best summer.

July: Six flags! Taking Brittany to the city for her interview with the police academy and walking around and riding the subways for the first time with bffl. Meeting family, drinking, laying around and doing nothing.

August: I cut my hair. Everything started to change. New semester, Brittany started the academy, Fran got a new roommate, Jen stopped working at KB as much, but life was still good.

September: started getting discounts on hairdye again (thanks Bffl), skipping class to go to the mall.

October: Halloween, distance, parties, hospital, change.

November: November, fuck November. Thanksgiving, black Friday, heart break. Then it all went still.

December: here I am, sitting at Frans dinning room table, on my laptop that I just got for Christmas…Christmas that just passed but doesn’t feel like it. New years is a blur. I’m stuck in the past. I can’t remember what’s been happening. KB is closing. The economy sucks. I dropped out of school. I don’t know what to do. I’m the third wheel for one in my life, and I’ll do anything to numb that feeling. I’m never home; I’m always working, or out, or thinking. This year needs to end, and so does the next one (because we all know 2009 will be a bad year). Let’s go back to December 31st 2007, and wake up January 1st, 2010. Thanks.