Saturday, December 27, 2008

burn burn burn, baby burn.

i have off. on a saturday. weird, huh? i don't know what to do with myself. i think i want to get another tattoo today, but i don't want to spend money (tehe). i really should go to the bank because i have a check i have to deposit, and the bank closes in 40 minutes, and if i don't go today i have to wait til monday...eek. i should get dressed and go, but my bed is really comfortable. i'm sitting in bed with Joanie (my laptop), and we're just chillin.

i had a weird dream last night/this morning. i dreamed that i stole a car and was being chased my the police, and i drove the car into an adult shop to hide, and somehow they found me...then i made "friends" with them, and i went to a piercing place to get my penis pierced (which is something i might day, but it's another one of those "i don't know" things).

then i drove to some one's house and talked to them for a little then got kicked out because i was "unwelcome there" but my dad was there because he and his friend was hunting on their lawn. fucking crazy, huh?

anyway, Christmas was two days ago. i had fun, but i wished that i had something else to do. Christmas here is always the same, and it would have been nice not to be home, but at someone elses house. i got my laptop, and money, and new bed sheets, and cologne, and The house bunny dvd, and awesome robot lamp from Fran, and a new sketchbook, and markers, and a few gift cards and such.

Iiiight, i really should get to the bank *sulk*. peace out.

so watch me strike a match
on all my wasted time
as far as i'm concerned
you're just another picture to burn

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