Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ohh shyei, oh shyei

Two things that I never thought I’d do:

Number one: become addicted to a video game. Melany went out and bought Singstar the other night. It’s a karaoke game for Playstation, and it’s fucking awesome. I mean AWESOME! It’s so addicting. Mel, Fran and I stayed up for hours singing our hearts out and making it into a drinking game. Seven shots later Mel and I were on the floor. I never ever sung in front of either of them the way that that game makes me sing. My voice went horse from belting my favorite songs. The game is so addicting that Fran went out and bought another version of it yesterday. So Fran, Ryan and I played last night, and naturally, we made it into a drinking game again. Two nights in a row I toasted to losing a game to Fran, that fuck face magee.

Number two: have a celebrity crush. Fran has Prince William, Jen has what’s his face (spike from Buffy), my mom has Toby Keith, and I have Taylor swift. I thought she was cute when she first became popular, and I will admit that Teardrops on my Guitar was a little annoying when it came out, but listening to her more and more her voice makes me week in the knees. I’m not a big fan of country music, but I’d listen to it with her. Okay, okay, she dated a Jonas brother, but whatever. Don’t judge.

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