Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I almost didn't notice all the roses.

I cannot believe that it is Christmas eve. It does not feel like it at all. I’m seriously like “wooah”

Shopping is a therapy for me. Seriously. I always feel better after I spend money. Tonight, after work I went to target. I bought myself:

-two Taylor swift Cds
-a t shirt
-two lamps
-a small silver bedside lamp with a white shade (that I might draw on)
-a tall, black stand up lamp with three heads.
-bottled waters
-a new feather pillow
-orange sheets
-blue sheets
-a brown bed skirt
-car air fresheners
-face wash
-100 calorie packs
-chex mix
-peach detox tea

I think that’s it. I spent $200 and I felt really good. Sometimes I feel guilty for spending money, but not tonight. I felt really really happy. When I got home I cleaned my room, remade my bed (with blue sheets) and am going to use my new pillow tonight. I needed a change. My old sheets and pillows were…old, and boring, and dull.
^_^ I love me.

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